Concerning Eggs and Rabbits

I flounced cheerfully into the kitchen Sunday morning, preparing to go hide eggs outside, and ran into my housemate Shannon. We chatted about Easter and she said, “My friends and I kinda make fun of the holidays and aren’t even really sure about Jesus, but when the day comes, we still end up thinking we should go to church.”

I thought as I fitted pretzels, granola and cookies into the eggs and replied, “Well, it seems to me that all our cultural and religious holidays are based on older traditions and seasonal celebrations…so I don’t think it matters how it manifests or what form it takes. It’s all valid.”

Fill your hands with paradox again. I think there’s room at the party for Jesus, Ostara, Eostre, Krishna, Moses and Osiris. All stories are true and the particulars unimportant. Freyja leaps across the sky in the form of a brown hare, bestowing new life and rebirth to the earth below. On the ground we find the remnants of hatched eggs, and all the queendoms of the earth give testament to the day in flowers, fertility and new beginnings. It’s SPRING people! Let’s celebrate.

Plastic eggs…our most heinous purchase since our plastic-free pledge a year ago. We researched other options, didn’t find any, and in a moment of weakness I justified it by thinking we would use them her entire life and then pass them down as….heirlooms. Unfortunately, they don’t make ’em like they used to. They are flimsy and will probably only last a few years. One lesson here is to let go of older traditions that are not sustainable and replace them with similar, and even more playful, ones.

The bonnet and pinafore are from my childhood. Thanks for your foresight, Mom.

Mama put on an Easter frock too.

How she really felt about the bonnet.

Running after Peter Cottontail.

Hoppy Monday!!


4 thoughts on “Concerning Eggs and Rabbits

  1. The bonnet and pinafore are making me so very happy. Adorable! Thank your mom for me, too. (Hi, Bonnie!)

  2. So. This is the best. I am so into your outfits. U are the hottest mama. And it seems u just get hotter! I’m sure jeff agrees. Lucky him.
    Fern rocks the bonnet so well, doesn’t she? I could also see her in a beret.

    Is there a reason that dying eggs is not a good thing to do? Or were u not referring to that as being unsustainable? I have felt the modern day plastic eggs. So so weak! Such a tragedy. I have an idea! You can learn to crochet around them. The plastic will be sealed in forever. They will be the best heirlooms ever known. Or paper mâché over them.

    Anyhoo. Yer style inspired me today. I’m out of jeans for once in a long time.

    1. hubba hubba heather! thank you. i am still in between identities since having fern and “hot” is one that is hard for me to believe in now, from all the changes i’ve gone through physically. but if you say it, it must be true, since it takes one to know one. hot mamas unite!

      fern looks awesome in hats, it’s true! i hadn’t even thought about a beret, but that’s a great idea.

      dying eggs is a totally good thing to do! here’s what happened with my thought process around it: initially i got the eggs for the spring equinox because i just had this vision of her opening eggs and finding treasures inside. at the time i bought them, that was her favorite game…opening and closing little containers. i got fixated on that idea and then bought the eggs. bizarre brain/heart disconnect, because now i have these dumb eggs. although i really like the idea of crocheting them! what if we did that with all our crappy plastic stuff? instead of being resigned to their planned obsolescence, what if we turned them into awesome keepsakes? now i just have to learn how to crochet.

      i hope to see pics of your inspired style! xoxoxxo

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