Dydd Sul

A few visions of our weekend…

Our lettuce is prolific. We have big salads several times a week...and just think...the starts that produced this bounty I pulled out of a dumpster. They were going to be thrown out, and now they are feeding our family. Never pass up the chance to peek in the dumpster of a store that carries garden supplies...
My Mother's Day breakfast in bed included vitamins...and ibuprofen to get a handle on the headache produced from the combination of screaming toddler + lack of sleep + allergy sneezes.
Not to mention the best cake in the world: Arizmendi's Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel.
And also apple-sage toast and artisanal goat cheese. My man treats me right.
We hit the Sunday Streets festival, which this month started just a few blocks from us. In the last few weeks, we have realized that Leo's arthritis causes him a lot of pain on long walks. So he and Fern took turns in the wagon. Jeff said, "I feel like people look at us like we're a circus act that they like." Hey man, welcome to my life.

Wait...is that...our MAYOR?! Why yes...yes it is...

Fern let us know she wanted to take a break, in no uncertain terms. *sigh*
Dog Eared Books was having a sale, so while I looked for deals, apparently Jeff and Fern visited a thrift store. Every time Fern sees a billboard for Pirates of the Carribean, she says "AARRRR". I have no idea where she got that.

It was a long walk home.

In case you live in the area and have yet to attend Sunday Streets, there’s the link for you.

Happy Moonday!


4 thoughts on “Dydd Sul

  1. So inspired by your dumpster bounty, talk about one person’s trash being another person’s treasure! Also, the pollen seemed crazier than usual around here on Mother’s Day. I don’t usually suffer, but yesterday I could actually feel it. Probably didn’t help that we went to the Sonoma Horticultural Society’s amazing gardens in Sebastopol to stroll amongst the rhododendron, azaleas, clematis, and dogwoods in full bloom 😉 A spectacular show it was though!

    Oh that cake! On Saturday night I had vanilla ice cream with a dark chocolate salted caramel sauce that was insane, I am a HUGE fan of that combo.

    Fern is the cutest thing ever, sounds like you all enjoyed a lovely mother’s day, thanks for sharing 🙂

    Oh yes, and one more thing… inspired by your recent post, I started reading Pilgrim at Tinker Creek over the weekend, so good!

  2. Oh happy Belated Mother’s Day, lovely, amazing, dumpster-diving Mama! I love that picture of you and Fern and Leo. It just makes my day. Your posts always fill me with total light and happiness and inspiration. And now: cake lust ;D I can’t wait to read all the rest of the ones I’ve missed. Thank you, as always.

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