Tuesday Tines: The Beezness as Usual Edition

I am officially giving you time to prepare. This year, I am giving you no choice but to open up to the bounty ready to fall into your arms. A ticket to the sweet life awaits you. Now get out there and get picking. Then make me a pie and bring it over.

As we head into deep spring, we say goodbye to our early arrivals, the ones who grabbed us out of the doldrums, woke up our blood and shook out the dust. My nettles have all gone to seed (seed exchange is still on this year, hollah if you want any!), and while there are still plenty of other spring greens to enjoy, they are all going into flower, so it’s now or never.

Speaking of flowers, what usually comes after? Ah yes, the fruit! (Are you ripe yet? No? How about now? Now? What about now?) The plum trees hold lots of promise, and Mamajack and I have a date to make plum wine. I missed the loquats last year, so I am already scoping out the trees and am determined to make good. How do I figure this kind of stuff out?

Dear friend, you MUST know about NEIGHBORHOOD FRUIT. With a large concentration of reports in the Bay Area, it is nationwide…check the map in your area!

Also, an absolutely imperative tool for public fruit tree glory is the fruit picker. Neighborhood fruit has got a tutorial on how to make, or improve, your own. (Does anyone know how to embed flash on WP?)

I realized recently that all my links on the foraging and feral living page weren’t working. I have fixed them, and if you haven’t checked out First Ways I recommend it. Great blog of a Pacific Northwest foraging gal. I also recently stumbled across this local lady, a Quirky Urbanite in Oakland. (And saw a picture of a friend of mine, Hi Wendy!).

Once you get your fruit home, you will need a soundtrack for cleaning and depitting or deseeding. I want these kids to come over and play in my kitchen. What were YOU doing at 8 years old?


Even The Chronicle is getting in on the urban homesteading game.

Before Europeans were homesteading, this place was already home to someone else. SO COME ON. I mean, really? Put the shitter somewhere else, Vallejo.

Finally, an inspiration to quit your day job. Cycling India, and the world, to spread the word on sustainable futures.

Only a few tines today, the morning is moving on, or more precisely, I have a naked toddler in my  lap who is making blogging impossible.


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