And Now for our Feature Presentayshun…

It’s been a long time coming, but I knew it had to happen some day. Her love affair with herbal salve could not be denied. After the jar disappeared, it became quiet…too quiet. I found her in the sunroom, consummating her tryst.

(The soundtrack in the background is The Visionary Activist Show with Caroline Casey. We were housecleaning and I had the program up loud to hear throughout the rooms. It was just what she needed, a loud distraction to cloak the noise of her delight.)

No Foraging Friday today. We are headed north-east, to my soul’s home. I am looking forward to heat, lakes, rivers, hotsprings, cowboys, small town pace and space and the stars at night. I’ll be back next Tuesday. Have a great weekend.


10 thoughts on “And Now for our Feature Presentayshun…

  1. Oh my gosh, this is the most adorable thing ever. I love the line at the top of her forehead where the salve color ends and her real color begins. And woah, talk about gorgeous eyes!

    Thank you for your comment on my wee video, too. Alas, Blogger is a poo and removed it…

  2. So sweet! Fern is one down-to-earth beauty baby! I hope you have lots of fun back East and look forward to all and any vicarious pleasure a future post about it could afford. Right now I can’t imagine heat, I just can’t. Highs here are in the high 50s. Euugh.
    Bright Blessings and Safe Journeys,

  3. Hi there. I came here from 6512 and growing. Glad to have been sent your way. I am in the East Bay and like what I am reading!
    Thanks and your bug is very cute (as I am sure you know)!

    1. hi nicola! i’m excited to know that you are local and look forward to keeping up with your blog, as i, too, like what i have seen! please keep in touch.

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