If This is Heaven, I’d Like to Speak to the Manager

How’d we all do this weekend? Were you ENraptured? I’m pretty sure I wasn’t sucked up into the sky, considering I woke up to Fern handing me my glasses….that she broke….first thing this morning. *Sigh*.

I feel genuinely sorry for the folks who maxed out their credit cards, driving their families all over creation, ready to meet their maker. I heard several accounts of parents who were prepared to “let-go” of their non-believing children. Now THAT’S some christian family values for you. Perhaps the best thing I saw was at the end of a “cat rapture” video…yes, cats preparing to meet the great catnip mouse in the sky…and then back to snoozing on May 22nd. The rolling credits at the end said, “We will ALL get there someday.”. Just so…we’re all going to die, we are all ensouled, so let’s not rush things, shall we?

Now to just get through the heightened nutballery around 2012, and then we can get back to the business of attending to Life on Earth.

Our weekend DID contain many other- worldly sights, however. Friday, I made, and ate, my very first strawberry-rhubarb pie.

3 cups rhubarb, 1 cup strawberries, 1 T orange zest, 1/3 C agave, cornstarch, whole wheat crust. I had no idea rhubarb was so dang TANGY! I prefer tart to sweet, but even so, I would add more sweetner next time.

Saturday, we went to the Maker Faire. Think Burning Man without the altered state of consciousness, a lot more funnel cake and also without people I would rather not see naked.

The best thing about 2 hours of tantrums and overstimulation was The Sour Mash Hug Band...they were the only thing that could stop the continuous "put me down so I can get lost in this sea of strangers" struggle. Fern clapped along.

Mama really likes their music too:

When we stepped into the darkened exhibit hall, there was some nice open space so we put Fern down…and she immediately began running in circles and cackling with a high pitched squeal. The faire was fun, but I think we’ll wait until she’s 6 to go back. She did, however, get to have her first rave experience:

(The giraffe, by the way, was touch sensitive, and would speak when you petted its head or sides)

We didn’t all quite recover until the next day. Leonithas came over early, and we went to the Saint Francis Fountain for milkshakes and vegan rancheros. Then we skipped across the street to the 24th st. mini park, to hang out with Quetzalcoatl. At the Maker Faire, there was a water swing set (giant swings through giant sprinklers, basically) that Fern wanted to go in so badly, that she never quite recovered from our refusal. But I think the open water fountain at the end of the serpent’s tail made up for it.

The park is also surrounded by more beautiful mosaic work and the type of murals the Mission is famous for.
Mama and Fern in the spinny bucket seat. Otherwise known as the Nausea-Tron 5000.
The serpent contained within its sides the gifts it has bestowed upon human kind...writing, carving, and Fern's favorite...farming!

The little girl on the left was so mindful of swinging carefully so that Fern wouldn't fall off. We kept asking her, "Are you SURE you're not a big sister?"
She's a future mama, for sure.

I don’t know about you, but I’m glad we’re all still here, amidst heaven (and the occasional tantrummy hell) on earth. Happy Monday!


2 thoughts on “If This is Heaven, I’d Like to Speak to the Manager

  1. Ah! I love strawberry rhubarb pie, and yours is gorgeous! That’s some admirable lattice work. My mom used to make it during the summer when we still lived in New York. Fun story: mi madre mixed up some rhubarb for pie one time, and put in the ‘fridge. My dad came home, saw the rhubarb and, thinking it was tomato salad, took a big spoon full. Aha, so many food mishaps in our house 🙂

    Fern is incredibly lovely. You know how sometimes, when you see little kids, you can get a pretty good idea of what they’ll look like when they’re older? I have a feeling that Fern is going to be just gorgeous, especially with those show stopping eyes. Also, what a name! I’ve already started compiling lists for my future child (whom I’ve dreamt is a girl on more than one occasion), and Fern is at the top!

  2. Beautiful pie and beautiful children! Glad there are so many family fun places in SF and sunshine to enjoy them. Thanks for the pictures ( and words).

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