Rainy Day Rainbow

I finally brought my colored pencils home from work, and Fern was enraptured.


Yesterday was a nice retreat, a chance to slow down, be cozy indoors, to eat cheesy popcorn and drink lemon verbena tea. We’re back to blue skies this morning.

Tomorrow’s Foraging Friday will feature some common friends, an easy way to get wild.


4 thoughts on “Rainy Day Rainbow

  1. beautiful poppies! fern is super cute! i’m giggling at the one where she’s taking a close up look at the pencils. hahaha.

  2. Fern’s lil’ face lights up my computer screen. What a lovely cozy day. Lately it seems that out here my beloved rainy days have happened just when I plan to paint and do things outside and when I want to organize my cupboards and decorate it’s so lovely and sunny out that I have to go. Ah well.

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