On Saturday, we awoke to rain pouring down. Jeff took Fern to the East Bay to pick up Leonithas, and I spent the time getting together some indoor activities.

The simplest of things are always big hits, especially food, and I was well prepared for making kettle corn and had licorice root stick treats (they are sweet without sugar and fun to chew). The summer edition of Rhythm of the Home had just come out the day before and I realized I also had all the fixins to make Will-o-the-Wisp lanterns.


Glue + tissue paper = sticky catastrophe or great fun.

Luckily, both kids were way into it, and I am tickled to realize that Fern is now old enough to do crafts.

Will o the Wisps are flickering lights that appear over water in the summer time. They seem to float and recede if you try to approach. There is a scientific explanation, but you and I both know that’s just the faerie’s disguise. After lighting the candle, these lanterns are hung in trees and bring a bit of the fae to your home. 

It rained all weekend and we didn’t venture too far….

The murals at the corner of Haight and Laguna are still being occasionally vandalized, but I thought this (obviously drunk) little bit of humor was great...someone stuck CDs into the eye socket of the ghost bunny. Oh, and Fern is now one bunny high.

On Sunday, after visiting the pink bunnies, we headed out to Lake Park in the Richmond, where I hoped to find some cattails. There were none, but we still found beauty:

Purple flowers have purple pollen. Just so!
The gophers must have known that Fern was coming, and made this big dirt pile just for her.


Red Elderberry, you are a tease...
A pleasure to meet Scarlet Monkeyflower in the wild.

After the park, we kept Fern awake by plying her with corn chips and silliness until we made it to Mission Pie.


I had a piece of strawberry rhubarb pie, plus potato gratin tart. Jeff had a chicken pot pie and a slice of mixed berry. A. May. Zing.

Mission Pie sources all their ingredients locally, and much of it from Pie Ranch. Combining social justice with sustainable agriculture and green business, they are exemplary examples of a positive future. Plus, the environment of the cafe was like the warmest farm kitchen. There was a kiddy corner, a book shelf of good reads, with the lowest shelf dedicated to children and no-one gave us the stink eye when Fern decided the middle of the floor was a good place to lie down. We will be back, oh yes we will…

I don’t know why people give us attitude when we go out to eat. I mean, sure our kid licks the top of the salt shaker, but she’s totally not contagious anymore. Geez. 

I am super inspired by Mission Pie and Pie Ranch, and we are going to the ranch’s barn dance on the 18th.  Check out this video they did about their youth program. I’m getting some pretty clear hints about where I may be headed with ecopsychology in the future:

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/24176600]







15 thoughts on “Flickering

  1. the mission pie video doesn’t show up on my browser. ??

    Thanks for the Rhythm link; I sent along to my sister in KY.

    When I’m done being an adult, can I come live at your house and do crafts?

  2. i *love* fern’s little lumberjack look with the jeans and the shirt!! you are the second person this week to mention Mission Pie. i think it’s because it is summer fruit season and our minds turn to pie (i mean ‘toward’ pie, not ‘into’ pie… 😉 ). the barn dance sounds great – maybe i could get Pegs interested (though we can’t dance…yet).

    1. you should come along! there is a community work day before hand, that we’re going to. i don’t even know if we can stay for the dance, given princess tantrum.

    1. ha ha!! i love you lady. i thought, “i bet heather will notice the headline of that article.”

      it was disappointing. they were trying to make a good point, but went off on this tangent about how our dislike of weeds stems from anthropomorphising their characteristics to represent things we don’t like about ourselves. it got too intellectual and didn’t mention anything about how, pleasant or no, some weeds create a monoculture desert, regardless of how you spin it.

      1. hmmmm, that sounds so different from what i was expecting it would be about. but i would be interested in the anthropomorphising bit. sounds funny.

        are you talking about noxious weeds creating the monoculture?

      2. myrtle spurge is our main contender here in the noxious weed category. i used to think it was so pretty before i learned what it was. i saw this guy spraying something on our fucking property one day, cuz of it, and asked him to stop. he did. but told me it was my deal to pull it all if i wouldn’t allow the county to spray it. we’ve been pulling it ever since. i just about had a wild hissy fit seeing someone spraying the land. with chemicals. makes me want to throw up. i am too sensitive i think. i haven’t heard of sea fig or star thistle. we have lots of thistle around here though. good ones as far as i know.

        do you check your emails???

  3. Mission Pie is awesome, and what I’ve heard of Pie Ranch/the organization in general is even more so. I bet they’d be really fun to work with!

  4. so lovely, all the little doins! that monkeyflower is amazing; she’s one i’ve always longed to see in the wild. so sweet to see your family’s little adventures, and speaking of sweet, i got my TREATS! thank you, what a beautiful, delicate and sigh-inducing surprise! ❤

  5. Can I just gush for a minute? Given all the energy you put into your posts, I thought I’d give you some props. I steal a minute in the morning while feeding my son to read this log and I always enjoy it! What’s more, you are prolific. So here’s to you! Great pics, recipes, thoughts and more. Hope you have fun at Pie Ranch. They’re just down the way from us and they’re awesome.

    PS- Tried to make the root beer, but there’s only one place in this berg to buy herbs and spices, and they didn’t have sarsaparilla! I think I’ll have to make a drive up to the city to stop by Rainbow -20% off everything today- and Scarlet Sage.
    PPS- What do you think about lavender and peppermint in the calendula salve?

    1. hi veronica! thank you for the props…today is one of those mornings where it is especially appreciated.

      we’re going to 20% off at rainbow today too! say hi if you see us! both scarlet and rainbow will have the sars, for sure.

      i think lavender would be great in the salve, but peppermint might be a little abrasive on cuts and scrapes? xo

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