We could stand for a century
With our heads cocked
In the broad daylight at this thing
In bodies that don’t keep
Dumbstruck with the sweetness of being

(J. Newsom, “Emily”)

When the sun peeks out every once in a while, and the June Gloom dissipates, we can laugh at our shadows, the dark grey against the silver sidewalk. The light lingers long past bedtime and the waxing moon rises like a fishing lure reeled from the depths, dripping with the gossamer strands of unbearable (almost) truth. That This Is It. Our time together is Right Now. My Motherhood and Your Childhood and Our Family are the lyrics we hear proclaimed by the song birds in the dawn. There is a moment between experiencing the Nowness and Realizing, and with the self conscious gaze, I bite the apple and I am spun away and we are on to the next Now. In these long mid-summer days, there is more opportunity to bask in the tenderness, and the fleeting, aching pulse of a love for life. The fruit on the tree is ripening and we pluck and relish. The sun in my heart does a supernova when I realize that This is what I’ve been waiting for, and (as a secret surprise even to me) all I’ve ever wanted.


P.S. I’m joining Farmama now on Thursdays with “Around the Farm/Around the Garden” posts. If you haven’t checked out Sara’s blog, you are in for a world of wonder. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Momentary

  1. i am so impressed with your garlic growing. mine have yet to grow big. but i just started last year. and i see some happy clover with the flax. that’s flax right? it looks like my flaxers. i hope that it flowers for you soon. i just saw some here beginning to flower.

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