“Around the Garden” Thursdays

I am joining Farmama in  “Around the Farm/Around the Garden” Thursdays. Maybe I should call mine “Around the (wannabe) Urban Homestead”?

In our Page Street Community Garden.

Fern now has strawberry plant radar. She announces with gusto every gem that she finds, and often shares, handing me a pulpy remnant, squished with love.

Most of the berries she finds are in “public” plots, but this one, alas, is from your plot Gabriel! If it is any consolation, she savored the entire thing, even though it wasn’t ripe.

The Mugwort I planted last year is finally growing and, apparently, providing shelter for Mr. Sliffslak Slibberslak.

My Clary Sage is 6 ft. tall and in full bloom.

Poppies and the promise of many more. Yesterday Fern picked up the petals of one that had fallen on the ground. She smelled and licked, emitting little sounds of delight, and then she held it up to my dress (which happened to have similar flowers on it) playing mix and match. She’s only 21 months old! At this time last year she had just truly mastered sitting up and was light years away from crawling. Light years would be an apt measurement for development. 

Heirloom Sweetpeas. (Hi Gabriel!). You can smell them from 5 feet away. Heavenly.

We’ve had a taste of real summer here in San Francisco for the past two days. My overall enjoyment of being alive skyrockets when the temperature creeps above 70 degrees. Warm sunshine is good for growing bellies, too. (Paper diaper + letting the hose run = sustainability FAIL.)

Delicious baby snack.


How does your garden grow?


3 thoughts on ““Around the Garden” Thursdays

  1. hehe. i’m joining in with farmama today too- how fun! fern is such a super cutie, gosh. i love the poppies story. beautiful photos!!!

  2. My garden is coming along well. I’ve already harvested two of my Romine lettuce plants and moved the remains to a new location in the backyard from the deck. They’re both already reproducing more lettuce so it’s going to be nom nom time again. My carrots, Iceberg lettuce, and corn plants are coming along but not ready to harvest just yet. Oh, added bonus if I haven’t already mentioned it; my neighbor gave me a Redwood tree to plant in the backyard, so I’ve joined the neighborhood Redwood Society. The Lemon and Apple trees are starting to produce to a point I can’t keep up with them even though the Apples aren’t ripe enough to pick yet. I’m going to need some help in that department in the next month or two. Feel like helping out?

  3. That photo of Fern eating the strawberry made me giggle. She’s the bees knees. Lovin’ this short, sweet post, Mary. Such a pretty window into your world. xoxo

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