Wild in the City: Foraging Fridays

Look up.

No, really. Look UP.

O.k., well maybe go outside first.

The stone fruit is ripe, people! It is time for all things plumey and peachey and apricotey, avocadoey and nectariney. This means it is also time to get out your canning jars and your rolling pin.

This year I didn’t even have to put a crick in my neck while feeling like a tortured Michelangelo, picking remote fruit off of tipey top branches with the picker pole. Jeff and the kids went out yesterday and harvested a half ton. Now what to do with it? I don’t think I can bear to make plum butter again, since we JUST finished off last years batch and, frankly, I’m sick of it. My extraordinary fruit wine muller, Mamajack, is overloaded with batches of her own right now. So today I may just be washing, depitting and freezing.

I guarantee there is a fruit tree near you, and chances are the fruit will be falling on the ground, unloved. Like I said last year, I don’t know why folks don’t take adavantage, but hey, it’s your gain! What will you do with your bounty?

Blogland is quiet these days, with it being summer and all. I must admit I feel the pull too, and so a short post today, while I go out into the wild world. Maybe a trip to the Russian River is in order…

Happy Friday!


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