Pie Hole

Some of you saw the pic I posted to FB yesterday of our July Fourth Wild Plum Pie…

…and so I thought I would also share its demise…


I knew it was too quiet in the kitchen.




How was your fourth? We enjoyed a fogless night, watching the display from our back porch, with the neighbors. The whole city was exploding, someone was shooting little fireworks off the top of the school next door, and it was sweet to see other small groups of folks standing on their rooftops, silhouetted against the bay. Fern slept through the whole thing and Leo, once sent into a phobic panic at the least mention of an explosion, now enjoys peace and relaxation on Independence Day, due to almost total hearing loss. Small blessings.

Here are some other fun “Hipstamatic” shots we took yesterday morning.

Abbey Road with wagon

We are still in limbo as to our travel plans, so who knows what the week will bring. I hope we manage some kind of getaway, as I am feeling hungry for adventure (other than the “tantrum navigation” and “lessons in parenthood” kind).


One thought on “Pie Hole

  1. Love the pictures! But where was Leo during all this mischief? He missed out on some good eats. By the way, I told Jeff that you could go into the artistic pie making business. “Good for you Pies”, has a ring doesn’t it?

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