So Far

Greetings from the Land of Summer!

Whiskeytown Lake

The warm shock to the system from the first few days has worn off, and now the heat has penetrated to our bones. As the ice has thawed, intrapsychic processes have gone into full animation, appearing at first with frightening lucidity, joining the snowmelt in my veins and now, in their wake, leaving a gentle peace. The banks around my heart are blooming with seasonal growth, or perhaps it is more like a tightfisted pinecone, coaxed into opening by fire.



Every night, the blessing of sunset.

Everywhere we have gone, there has been companionship, always showing up with sweet synchronicity. Fern and I have spent nearly every morning at the creek.

You get a line and I’ll get a pole, honey.

This little (rather big!) friend came swimming across the water to us. A kingsnake.

And then swam away again when the photo op became too intrusive.

Only to do a very bad job at hiding. “I can see your taaaaaiiiilll…”

At Whiskeytown Lake on Sunday, all the families were out enjoying the perfect day….

Including Merganser ducks and Canada geese.

And around the house there is an old man, who has the same escape tactic as my blind dog…stand looking at the wall, and maybe they won’t notice…

For Fern, her days consist of snacks, an obsession with herbal sun tea (I wann tea-tea!) and as much water play as possible, with the best Da-Da ever.

And has been otherwise busy breaking my heart…

Water nyad


Lots more sweetness, many medicinal and wild edibles and lots more thinkings to share when we get back. I’m sitting in Barnes and Nobles (which, counter intuitively, is actually quite pleasant and lovely) with a very slow internet connection and the phone ringing tells me my little darling is up from her nap and missing mama.

I am missing this space, but happy to have a break from the interwebs too. Most of all I wonder how you are, and hope that you are simmering in summer’s cauldron. Much love.


5 thoughts on “So Far

  1. Haha, baby bum is crackin’ me up! Your animal encounters are coinciding pretty well with my own lately. I accidentally ran over a gigantic snake (kind of looked like a red bellied black snake, but it obvs wasn’t) with the wheelbarrow the other day… we both kind of freaked out, but he was lucky I had just emptied out the 30 lbs of hay I carried down for the horses!

    Don’t feel bad about your break from the net. I haven’t been able to muster enough energy for a post myself.

    How hot is it there? It’s about 105˚F today!

  2. mmm. so nice to get a glimpse into your warm peace and wild fun. i don’t know what is up, but getting on line has been a little tricky, huh? it must be summer’s spell…. which is wonderfully seductive and non~computery for the most part. i love that whiskeylake you guys play in every day. i’m hoping to find a tequila lake up here for us to play in and around. feelin you. we were just out eating thimbleberries this morning. weird little berries! my tummy is saying, woah, that is some wilderness you just put in me. they’re said to be good for the chest. nice.

  3. Aw, serious naked summertime baby goodness goin’ on here! She’s so adorable and that last photo is a beauty, that piercing gaze! Glad to hear y’all are enjoying time away. I’m just coming off a bit of a blogging break myself and it’s been fun checking back in with all you wonderful ladies!

  4. wait…shhhhh….listen…do you hear that tune someone’s warbling somewhere off in the shade tree off the veranda, by chance?…”SummerrrTIME — and the livin’ is eeeeasy — fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is hiiighhhhh….” ah, the aliveness in it all!

  5. that little cherub is too cool….thanks for sharing….i’m on my way to the sierras next week and this got me excited……enjoy the rest of your trip!

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