Wild Everywhere: Foraging Fridays

This summer has been personally very intense for me so far. As I have felt healing and intuitive realization go deeper within than ever, I am also being given capacity to witness what I have never been able to fully behold. What I am seeing is breaking my heart as painfully as a lover who walks out the door. That lover was illusion, denial and hope. Much of this, I spoke of in my last post. The old alchemical perspective of “As above, so below. As within, so without.” is a truism that always comes in for a dance during these moments of transmutation, and this season, synchronicity goes by the name of Prunella.

Self-Heal (Prunella vulgaris) on San Bruno Mountain.

Everywhere I have gone this summer, beginning with the purchase of a seedling at the Redding Farmer’s Market, I have encountered this humble, dear, edible and medicinal friend.

Self-Heal in the lawn in Shasta County.

Prunella is a widespread “weed” all over the United States, but truly, I had never noticed it before. Not only was it a newcomer in the lawn, but it was also all over the parks by the Sacramento River. Since returning to the Bay Area, I have encountered it in unexpected places.

Self-Heal is in the mint family, but familial ties are where the similarity ends, as it tastes nothing like its relatives. The leaves are chock full of antioxidants and calcium (as are all mints…drink your peppermint tea and eat your mediterranean food!). They are mild and lovely to nibble on alone, or as an addition to salad. You can also eat the flowers (cooked) and use them for tea (an infusion).

Self-Heal in my container garden.

As its name suggests, Self-Heal is an incredible flower essence for healing issues of a deep emotional nature, particularly when those issues have begun to solidify in the body as physical ailments. The literature uses terms like “aligns the chakras” or “connects the energy meridians”, which means (for those of you who would appreciate a less woo woo explanation), that, first of all, the essence stimulates an individuals ability to do self healing work. By strengthening connections between mind, heart, intuition and body. Intuitive understanding is allowed to emerge, which is often followed by an acceptance of (rather than resistance to or suppression of) one’s experience.

This summer, I am learning to hold my fear and grief around the rapidly increasing destruction of our natural world…without succumbing to rage so fierce it makes me crumble or depression so deep it is incapacitating. My suspicion is that as I begin to walk with this, I will be more able to do This Work. The work of loving and protecting our Earth, of facilitating healing for others in their own navigation through eco-anxiety and of finding a path for my family into the challenging future ahead.

What synchronicities are delighting you this summer?


10 thoughts on “Wild Everywhere: Foraging Fridays

      1. are you talking about this?


        you know my relation to that ? a small one.

        well. there are so many. the lightening. the plants. the hope. the despair. bon iver. there have been others, i always notice them, but these are the current ones that i can think of currently.

      2. i love that art installation! i just went by there again the other day….random humor is my favorite. not sure if that name stuck in my head from the location, as it is also the name of a local burlesque performer. either way, i think it’s a hilarious play on words. what is your connection to it?

      3. oh my god. i am so bad at jokes and such sometimes. i love that. what the hell is wrong with me? that must be why i have this love for sudoku. give me numbers and i’m all good.

  1. Your blogs are such inspiration, they give me such joy and such strength and such conviction!

    I find myself feeling as heartbroken about the state of the planet as your words prove you to be, but more and more often push it to the back of my mind in an attempt to justify the way of life that I’ve become so comfortable with.

    But, inspired by your blog, I will take a stand in my own life, and hopefully encourage others to do the same!

    1. aimee, considering how dour i have been feeling lately, i am thrilled to know there’s still some inspiration lurking around these parts, and if that has rubbed off on you at all, my heart is lightened to know of it.

  2. Hallo Mary 🙂

    Thank you for posting this song. I’ve been listening to it over and over again, letting it sink to my heart – quite literary, it gives me a sensation in the chest and the spine. It is some sort of healing, you say?

    Also, you ask about delightful summer synchronicites. Well, one would be stumbling upon your blog. It is in sync with a business I have a growing passion to start. A huge mountain to climb, and perhaps the time is ripe to take the first step.

    You say that you are interested in your readers. Well, if one morning you want to find out what’s up in Poland, here is where you can find me


    Best wishes,


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