Wild in the Thrift Store: Foraging Fridays

LOOK at this people.

What kind of sorry-ass excuse for a summer is this? This, my friends, is what I naively thought that maybe, just maybe, this summer we would escape. What is that old AA definition for insanity? Trying the same thing over and over but expecting different results? You would think that 14 years would have provided sufficient proof, and yet every summer I am offended.

The first photo is the view from our bedroom window, which you have seen before. But did you know that this is what we see when we look down? Dear Page Street Garden, how I love you.

Inspiration for traipsing the streets looking for edibles is not sufficient enough on these gray days. Also, we are past peak for summer foraging and so I think it is time to announce the end of Foraging Fridays for the year. There will definitely still be wild ground scores to report on before the year is through, but until next year it will not be on a weekly basis. Thank you to everyone who tuned in on Fridays…it has been so fun sharing this year’s yummy treasures with you!

This is also what we see when we look directly down from our window…part of my back porch container garden…which is managing to look quite chipper despite the party pooper wet blanket in the sky. Look at those Ozma roses…a neon orangey-pink…delish! I had given up on this rose bush, as it kept getting devoured by pests. We cut it back with the intention of dumping out the pot…and then it grew back with zest and is flowering better than ever.

One of my delights and passions that I rarely write about on this blog is thrifting. Another reason I am itching to get back to a small town is my thrift luck grows exponentially, the further I get from the Bay Area. Thrift scores are rare in the city…even yard sales, that venue of the 25 cent shirt…are really small consignment shops, with the great finds always upwards of 10 bucks. What does this have to do with Foraging Fridays, you say?

Well, I get the same thrill when I stumble across a hard to find edible as I do when I am combing through racks of clothes and grasp the sleeve of a long coveted wardrobe item. Serendipity brushes by and it just feels so good to be LUCKY. Especially when your budget for new frocks is $5 or less.

Also, and you know who you are, I think quite a few of my readers are connoisseurs of the dusty basement bins. Thus, I present to you one of my more amazing recent scores.

Miles of lace…

Peekaboo sleeves…

Romantic corsetry…oh you’re beginning to guess, aren’t you?

Sleeve cuffs appropriate for Camelot…

I tried to get Franny to help with staging…

But he was only helpful so long as he was the subject.

Like my draping and background? You should have seen what I was wearing when I took this picture…heavy grey fleece robe, thick glasses, yesterday’s cute hair now askew in a frumpy bun. Just pretend this is a picture of me in a golden meadow, 70’s sunshine a la Butch Cassidy.

This is indeed a Gunne Sax, although the label has been cut out, there is enough left to recognize it…and I think any Jessica McClintock fan could spot it from a mile away. This is not the every day sundress I still wish I owned, and I imagine it was once someone’s wedding dress, where it languished in a tiny country thrift store until I came along. Most elaborate Gunne Saxs are upwards of $60 on Etsy, I think this would go for much more. Guess how much it was? (Oh come on, I rarely brag about scoring, just indulge me.).

It was $4. HOLLA!

I have been thinking I would save it in case someone (cough *JEFF* cough) ever decided to make me an honest woman. But I do feel it is too pretty to squirrel away. Last night I wondered…could it be like the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants….but instead be the Sisterhood of the Travelling Gunne Sax? Do you have an event you would like to borrow it for? Would you promise to send it back, or to the next person who needed it to flounce around in? Could we keep it pristine enough in case I ever did a dosey doe down the aisle? What do you think?

Speaking of postal promises, I am so thrilled at how many of you have signed up for the Bioregional Swap! Big thanks to Milla for inspiring her readers to head on over my way. I am beginning to feel like Santa Claus, orchestrating mail magic in anticipation of the joy of giving and receiving. I will announce partners a week from today, so there is still plenty of time to sign up!

Have a wonderful weekend!


14 thoughts on “Wild in the Thrift Store: Foraging Fridays

  1. The first photo is why in live in Novato, not SF. I like my summer sunshine. In regard to the rose bush, you did exactly what should have been done. As with any rose bush you let it grow some, trim it back, then watch it bloom away. Then there’s the dress, it’s beautiful. Hopefully Jeff will give you “that” reason to wear it. Finally the sadness that is the end of Foraging Fridays. I’ll definitely be missing them however I have an idea. What about doing Thrifting Tuesdays or Thursdays till next summer? What do you think? 😉

  2. That is a beautiful gown, Mary, and a true scoop at $4!!! Who was it in Butch Cassidy that reminded you ..need to replay that one someday soon. We shall all look forward to the post with you wearing it one very special day.

    I’m happy there are foraging backposts to take in and learn from in the coming quieter, cooler months. Next year the dandelions will be looked at with a very different eye, thanks to your writing on dandelion wine making, for instance, among many other informative posts!

  3. that is an awesome gunne dress! please post a pic of you in it when you’re feeling up to it. i feel the same about thrifting…..i’m in southern california and it’s the worst. i can’t find a wool sweater for felting to save my life! we have plenty of ‘antiquing’ going on but that is pricey…..i dream of thrift stores and estate sales in a funky cool place. (i must say though…on our recent trip to the sierras, there was a huge church yard sale nearby and i scored an original Lite Brite totally intact for $1)!….i know…it’s plastic and all, but it was one of my favorites when i was small.
    i agree…..a Thrifty Tuesday or something like that would be fun…..and my mind is already spinning looking for what i will include in my swap parcel!

  4. finding a gunne is always a trill! this one is a beauty!

    i left a comment on the post about the swap. i was hoping it’s not too late to be included.

  5. WOW!!! what a beauty! i love how you unveiled her inch by inch. if something comes up that requires a meadow-maiden gown, i will surely let you know. i love the sisterhood of the traveling dress idea.

    the first photo breaks my heart. i know some people kind of enjoy cool, foggy weather like that, and i certainly hear plenty of complaints about our (relatively mild, actually…) hot weather up here in the hills, but NOT ME!!! that right there is why i will NEVER complain about scorching days. summer should be summer, plain and simple. if you ever need a getaway that is only about 2.5 hours away, LET ME KNOW! i’ve got river spots and backyard bbqs and sunny activity galore up here. and an extra room!

  6. Yay for Thrifting Thursdays! Another reason to consider Sonoma County, wonderful thrifting up here 😉 Awesome score on the $4 Gunne, amazing!

  7. I laughed out when I read the cost of the dress and the following “HOLLA!” as I felt the same way when I saw how cheap you got it for!!

    I need to come back to your blog when I have some more time. I did a fast scroll-through and now there are people beginning to knock at the door and I’ve got to run and orchestrate this gathering-thing 😉

    Cheers, friend ∞

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