Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, 14 years ago to be precise, a Country Mouse moved to the big city, and began to look for a home.

This was before the widespread use of craigslist, mind you, and the way it was done was to register at a rental office. Such an office contained dozens of three ring binders, four listings to a page, and home seekers were doomed to spend hours flipping through the books. If you couldn’t find what you were looking for, you came back the next day. And the next. And the next.

This particular little Country Mouse was also working as a barista at a coffee kiosk owned by terribly uncaring trolls. Miserable amongst the coffee grinds and feeling doomed to couch surfing, she knew there was only one thing left to do. She had to get magical.

The little coffee kiosk cleverly advertised to the strolling sidewalks by tying balloons to a sandwich board. One early morning, Country Mouse volunteered for balloon duty….little did the others know she had a sharpie hidden in her pocket.

That day, as hundreds of customers passed by, they often stopped to read a special message scrawled on the balloons. It said,

“Mary loves her new home!”

As each person mused over this simple sentence, it was sent into the atmosphere where suddenly a great flurry took place. Amongst a shuffling of celestial papers and the thwump of stamps of approval, obstacles were immediately removed and a shining path laid itself at the feet of the Country Mouse.

The very next day, our rodential protagonist found herself at the bottom of a flight of steep steps. Carrying a sunflower as an offering, she rang the doorbell…

…and the rest, as they say, is history. Mouse found herself in a newly refurbished edwardian, with shining hardwood floors, tall ceilings, plentiful windows and a spectacular view overlooking downtown. In the distance was the Bay Bridge, the traffic flowing over like the water in the rivers from the country. Little did Mouse know that this would be her home for a major portion of her adulthood.

One day, 14 years later, the wind changed, and Mouse knew it was finally time to go. There was another home calling her, a piece of land with a magical cabin, that was lonely and wanted a family. Wanted someone to give it trees and feed its birds and to grow bright flowers. Wanted the touch of small elfin hands, to hear the early morning squeals of life enthusiastic.

Can you help Mouse and her family? See the pictures below, and imagine Mouse….NO, imagine ME. Imagine Mary and Jeff and Fern and Leonithas and Leo and in a new home that reminds us all of how synchronicity and good fortune and magic can still smile down, even in the hardest of times.

(And because being specific really helps, we are looking in the North Bay, $1300 a month or less, 2 bedrooms, open space, funky, garden and space for chickens and bees, rivercreeklake, good township, good neighbors, magic magic magic, to live in and thrive for at least two years, maybe more if it feels like HOME.. A resident owl is good too.. For November 1st, at the earliest).


There is still time to sign up for the Bioregional Swap! I am giddy at how many folks have already signed on…I’ll have to think of a way for all the mail goodness to be shared, perhaps a list of links to all participating blogs. Partners will be announced this Friday!

Which, by the way, will be the next time I post. I will be on hiatus until then, working hard to meet a few deadlines. Xo.


14 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time

  1. *thinking hobbity thoughts for you and yours*

    …because I’m sure you’re a hobbit after you spoke aloud those requirements. And then I saw the last image, so… πŸ™‚

    It’ll happen for you. I can feel it.


  2. c’mon universe!!! oh mama i love your choice of photos… i would choose a lot of the same ones, especially that first hobbit house, i have had that in my picture folder forever. πŸ™‚ sending out north bay vibes….

  3. sisterfriend. i love this post. maybe my favorite ever. you feel so inspired to me. if we weren’t forced to make magic, because the other way doesn’t seem to work for us, wouldn’t it be so boring? and yet we resist magic making, and use it as a last resort so often. cracks me up right now as i think about this. you have inspired me. so in addition to saddling up right next to you to help you build on your magic, i’m gonna go do some of my own, for i forgot once again, that it’s a friend. and of course raven even came to me today to try and get my attention. i didn’t pay attention. thank goodness for you, another raven on disguise. who just said it in exactly the right way to make my eyes want to open up to that other realm. yay. you are so so so on the right track.

  4. those pics are killing me. you will find it! i’m sure of it! and uncle shane will come up to tend garden with you and the littlun’s, bake bread, and glory.

  5. I am coming to the end of my 13 year chapter with this City as well. I am sad to go but the time is come to slow down and stretch my legs; most importantly do some serious gardening. My husband, hairy bear(dog) and I are looking at the same kind of humble homes/ community ourselves!
    Good luck with the hunt!

  6. love this! and what makes me love it even more is the fact that it works. i’m picturing you and your fam in the described home above.

  7. Imagining you and your sweet family finding your way to the Shire! Will keep my eyes and ears open, how far north might you be considering? I think you’d really like Sonoma County πŸ™‚

  8. This is, i think, the first time Iv’e commented on your blog. In case it is (and even if it isn’t) I would like you to know that your blog, with its pure connection to the earth and nature, its honesty, its joy at life and the lovely way you express it, is so beautiful. As for the bioregional swap, I swooned at the idea, until I remembered I live in Australia…but it has given me inspiration to do my own when our summer comes around!

    1. meghann, i’m so glad you said hello, and i am so touched by your feedback…thank you. as for the swap, you can still participate! anything that is inspiring you this winter, any seeds saved or bits of nature collected, any artwork or writing or photos…it’s still your bioregion…just a different season! let me know if you’d like to be included, and other wise i think starting your own is wonderful.

  9. many good wishes for a suitable, splendid house, neighbors, surroundings, fit for Country Mouse n kin, are being sent across thousands of miles to thee!

  10. Lovely, Yes indeed will keep this in mind and heart, and am quite akin to your little list of delightful and most magical abodes. I even have one of them ( the first cob house) stored on my computer in a folder marked gorgeous houses. I like how we keep coming back to magic and faith in us. The Magic in us is so forgiving and always waiting for us to ask for help. I recently watched Nanny Mcphee and the Big bang, We are very Telly free here, but do enjoy a good movie. I found myself in tears at the end and asking the stars to send me a Nanny McPhee. I don’t know if mother hood softens every little bone in your body to love such things, but it is good that I do. I Also appreciated immensely your lovely comment on the other side of the crumbly path leading this way. May you be at home now: ) xx

  11. In response to “Marcus”, whose comment I deleted because of the use of certain words for name calling…

    Again, with the insults and name calling from someone who doesn’t know me. Why are you reading my blog if it pisses you off so much? No one forced you to surf around my site.

    We all belong and deserve to be in closer relationship with nature. I grew up in the country, in a conservative and libertarian community, no less, and I can say with absolute convinction that I am moving back and it is indeed where I belong.

    You have a lot of passion, I encourage you to put it to good use on the issues you feel are important. But insulting a stranger on her personal blog is probably not the best use of energy. Because of your assaultive approach, I will be deleting any further ones from you.

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