We Had to Bribe Her with a Gumball

I am feeling increasingly antsy by staying at home while the sit-ins in D.C. are going on. Today I started looking up airfares. On September 3rd, the last day of the protests, the Sierra Club is organizing a huge rally in front of the White House.

In the meantime, while I am deliberating, I took a solidarity photo to send to the protesters in Washington.

Here are the details about sending in your own photo, or you can just attach it in an email to photos at 350 dot org.


9 thoughts on “We Had to Bribe Her with a Gumball

  1. Thanks for sharing on this issue. I’d heard about it briefly while on the internet a few weeks ago but there are so many issues that it feels like bombardment at times. I think you know what I mean. But, explaining it hear and so clearly really brought it to light for me. I’m on board. Thanks!

  2. This moves me to tears, Mary. Literary.

    Yesterday I’ve learned thet the Polish President have vetoed the GMO bill in Poland. I’m proud and grafetful, However just now I’m listening to the news on the radio where they are saying, that Poland can’t escape GMO, as the world is sentenced to it.

    And a thought abot the oil issue. I know that people like You do whatever they can, but I can understand so well why American imperialism has been raising so much resistance throughout the world. With so much power, greed and the American Dream this country can stomp on anything. And it seems to me that the American government are just pupets in the hands of your mega rich.

    This is insane. Will they wake up before it’s too late?

    1. i don’t know if folks will wake up before it’s too late, aneta. that’s what makes all of this so edgey…people are waking up, but who knows if the timing will work out, and i often fear that it won’t. thank you for adding your perspective from poland too…americans often can’t see what is blatant to the rest of the world…that we are an empire…and not a nice one either.

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