The Fruits of Our Labors

This foggy Labor Day weekend found us strolling through the Presidio not once, but twice. First we ventured in search of Spotted Tussock Caterpillars (who were sleeping and not answering the door) and the next day we returned for BLACKBERRIES.

On Saturday, we had the whole crew.

Our visits with Leonithas have become more comfortable. While Fern and her brother are developing a sweet relationship, it is not unusual for her to give a reserved stink eye to 4 year old antics.

Even though the caterpillars were hiding out, there was still plenty of mysterious Autumn beauty.

We didn’t get very far on the trail, but there was lots of forest play.

A caution when eating nasturtiums…the spiceyness can go straight to your head.

While Leo ate the forest, Fern busied herself with skin care.ย 

In the spirit of my bloggy friends who appreciate outfit posts, here’s what I wore. I was going for 1935…yes?

And here’s what the local spiders are wearing. I love striped stockings. Autumn is spider time in SF!

During our visit on Saturday, we noticed that there was a whole jungle of berry bushes that were full of ripe goodness and had largely been ignored, so we returned on Sunday….

Jeff did most of the picking while Fern and I had adventures. Her usual chant of “Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom.” changed to “MOMMMMM!” when she found a hidden side path, where mushrooms waited to be discovered.

All senses engaged, she also was puzzled…how does Nicolas the Bunny stand under a toadstool to stay dry?

Signs of success.

I decided to make jam. Raggedy Ann Fern was my ย taste- tester.


How is your Labor Day weekend so far? Wait…why are you sitting indoors reading this? GO OUTSIDE! I found a quote yesterday that I love…”Indian summer is the summer’s soul.”. I hope Indian Summer is the shawl you wear about your shoulders during these days of slanting light, rustling grass and cricket serenades. (There is one lone cricket in the ally behind our house…how sad is that? “Chirp…anyone? Anyone? Chirp…chirp…”)

You may have noticed that I went from posting every day, to sporadically over the summer, and now sporadically during the week. I was attempting to do WordPress’s “Post a day” challenge…but it proved to be too much, both for me and also I think for YOU, dear readers. I am trying out a new schedule of three times a week…Monday, Wednesday and Friday you will be able to find me here, and with perhaps the occasional, “OMG I just had to share” post on a Tuesday or Thursday. This Wednesday I will be giving a wrap up of the Tar Sands actions, along with why I didn’t go to the Capitol, as well as “What’s next?”.

Love to all.


14 thoughts on “The Fruits of Our Labors

  1. It’s good to see & hear things are going really well for all of you. Berry jam, nom, nom, nom, nom! Um…you did save some of the seeds? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Can’t have your own berry plants without seeds. Have an awesome week!

  2. Fun post! Fern is so tiny under that giant tree. You really seem to be doing a great job of providing Fern (and Leo) with childhoods full of magic, and then giving the rest of us a lovely window into that world.

  3. Ok, first off, I LOVE the overalls ensemble. Secondly, Clover and I spent the afternoon today on a blackberry picking excursion ourselves and I’m wondering if there is a blackberry pie recipe hidden away in your archives that I should know about?

    1. there’s no blackberry pie recipe, but it’s easy! just follow the crust recipe for “fern’s neighborhood plum pie” a few posts back (or use your own recipe, or store bought!). then just mix your blackberries with the sugar of your choice (a good rule of thumb is one scant cup of sugar to one cup berries…if they are tart. if they are sweet, use less). then mix in 2-3 TB of flour into the berries. pour in the pie shell and top with a top crust or lattice work or use a cookie cutter to cut out shapes from the leftover dough and bake for 40-60 minutes at 350! xoxxooxxo

  4. Oh what blissful precious days ye are having. Isn’t it just the way with wee folk that one does not get so far down the path on a walk, but finds a wonderland all about you and them as their world is so full at their very feet. I am just getting used to the fact that Maddy rathers cycling over walking now and I can pick up my pace again. Now I am trying to catch up before she disappears into the woods without me. It changes all so fast!! Jam looks great. I am picking on Friday with a group of lovely little girls, with all sorts of extravagant plans on their parts, I wonder how much booty we will actually get home with us: )
    You and yours are a delight to behold. xx

  5. I love this series of photos. And I love you. Going to CA in November…I hope to see you and your sincerely gorgeous family. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. i love you too julia, and i would LOVELOVELOVE to see you. there’s a lot more possibilities for fun, now that fern has more mobility and isn’t just a baby bundle. ๐Ÿ™‚

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