Mama Jack’s Potato Harvest

Saturday evening saw us in the secret backyard of Mamajax. This lady is a true renaissance woman, with hydroponic tomatoes climbing up her walls, cherry cordial and blackberry wine fermenting underneath her desk and potatoes in her back yard.

Jackie saved one of her potato “bags” just for Fern, since we arrived after the other grubbers were just leaving. At first Fern wasn’t clear on the concept…

But then discovery was made…

A new skill and passion was born. She’s a natural.

No potato was too big or too small…she cherished each one equally.

Each new potato was greeted with intense enthusiasm, exclamations of “Another one!!” and Elmer Fudd-like giggles. Jeff took sound clips with his MadPad iphone app…and since her reaction must be experienced by all, I took a video of it for you…


Thank you so much for your comments on my last post. You all blow me away, and it was so so good to hear your own stories and feedback. I will write back in the comments section, but that will have to be later. We are having a very serious situation with my dog, Leo’s, health. The prognosis is not looking good. I will update when I can, but the vibe in our family is intense and grief filled right now. If you have special animal blessings that you know, could you send one out for the ease and comfort of my little fuzzy man?



10 thoughts on “Mama Jack’s Potato Harvest

  1. Oh Leo. I’ve been thinking about you for some reason and now I know why I guess. I woke up yesterday morning with you in my mind out of nowhere. Leo Leo Leo. Loving you furry sweetlove. You have been the best dog for mary. The very best best best. You are so special I’ve felt it all along from afar and I feel like I know you even though I don’t. L

  2. Heather seems to have put into words what I would like to say.

    Leo is a wonderful, sweet little guy, and I’m sending all of you lots of love.

  3. oh Mary i am so sorry about Leo…i really felt it when you said it was a cervical issue because i am ‘cervie’ myself (and a ‘lumbie’ – we call them ‘clumbies.’). my heart goes out to you all and i send visualizations of hugs to Leo, wrapping him in comfort and love with his family all around him!

  4. the video is classic. it is so good that you all captured fern with audio at this age. i have been struck by how much my kids voices have changed every time i am in the presence of an expressive toddler. such a sweet sweet time in their lives.

    sending leo hugs and love from afar…

  5. I’ve tried numerous times to find the right words to say, essentially, and clumsily, that from one animal lover to another, that I have Leo in my thoughts this week, and will hug my kitty extra tight tonight in lieu of being able to hug him.

  6. Leo, you have all my love, all Enya’s love, all the turkeys’ love, and all the healing energy we can conjure up. I don’t know you, buddy, but I really like you anyway, which makes me able to imagine just how much your sweet people LOVE you.


  7. I have always been besotted with turning earth to find spuds( potatoes) whether its my irish home or not, I am not sure. I was lucky when I was a little one, to see my father plant potatoes and must have picked them with him at least three or four times. We found each other again, gardening again, these last few years, and the excitement turning of the darkness of that soil and the rich golden treasures underneath, is enough to make me swoon. Such satisfaction, is hard to beat!!! Your wee Fern is the embodiment, I imagine, of Mother Earth’s sheer pleasure and joy at supporting us as she does. You are all so sweet : )

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