For Reals

I’m not trying to jinx us or anything, but can I get a “Hells Yes!” ? Can I hear you say “Boo Yeah!”? Let me hear you shout, “I CAN WEAR A TANKTOP WITHOUT GETTING HYPOTHERMIA!”!

3 hot days in a row announces the undeniable arrival of indian summer. Today looks promising as well, with just a few wisps of fog. Now, because I just wrote that outloud, you just wait….tomorrow it will probably snow. In the meantime, I will be bouncing out of doors with the rest of the Bay Area, soaking up the rays and trying to make up for the famine of the last two months.

With Grandma in tow, we spent yesterday luxuriating in warm beauty. We took Fern’s new bee kite to Crissy Field, where there was just enough breeze and plenty of other baby butts for her to play with.

Carrying around a tennis ball that she found, she asked for a wipe from the diaper bag. Sitting down, she began to clean it, trying to get off all the sand, to no avail. She’s such an exquisite little Virgo.

In the late afternoon, before we took Grandma to the airport, we stopped in at St. Francis Fountain for a farewell dinner. Still decorated in the original style from 1918, the fountain serves typical, and not so, diner food. You can get your burger, and you can also get your seitan burger, or soy chorizo hash instead of bacon and eggs. Grandma got a rootbeer float, Papa got a milkshake, Mama got a beer, and Fern demanded a little bit of everything.

Who’s that inside?

They serve their drinks with paper straws…which are nostalgic and wonderful and rendered utterly useless in 3 seconds flat by a toddler.

Afterwards, we dropped by the 24th st. mini park.

My recent post re: post baby body image vs. self-expression, and your responses, was incredibly therapeutic. As it so often goes, just getting those thoughts out of my head helped to alleviate the feelings entirely. Naming the inner critic for what it is, immediately saps that voice of any strength, and makes it devoid of any sense of “truth.”.

Plus, I am really liking my new photo angle technique of “close…but not too close”. (Jeff actually surprised me with the camera at first.)

For friends who have always wondered what my real haircolor was under the burgandypurplereddarkbrownpinkblack…I’m growing it out, so now you know.

Dress: groundscore
Jacket: Buffalo Exchange, like, a million years ago. It’s only warm enough to wear this jacket twice a year, but I love it. You can’t tell from the pic, but it is made out of the thinnest leather, with fringe and little lacey cut-outs.
Boots: Alemany Flea Market

Purse: White Elephant Sale in Oakland
Earrings: etsy
Necklace: gift from Olja 

Aaaah…there, I did it. That was relatively painless. Really, nothing is too difficult on a beautiful warm day.

(Big thanks to my mom, who made Fern’s birthday extra special. Fern cried when we drove away at the airport and her first word this morning was, “Grandma?”)


8 thoughts on “For Reals

  1. You are hilarious! I love your posts and beautiful pics of SF. Its crazy how close I am, I rarely get down there. Me and the man decided yesterday, we will go down for my birthday in December. Maybe a museum? Maybe you know a secret Rad spot? Take care. Kerry

  2. 100 million years ago, i’m learning at the history museum we’ve been frequenting, boulder had an ocean and weather like northern california. boo yeah!! i’m trying to vibe off that, and your photos, as i hold hot tea cups to warm my hands.

    yep. just in case you were wondering.
    i like your red jacket!! and how cute is your kid wearing my kids’ clothes? that is fun to see.

  3. hey! You’re gorgeous! It was a really sweet thing that you replied to our comments on your post-baby-shape post; I really appreciated the conversation with you. And I agree with you, on everything you said. Stupid inner critic voice (mine sounds alot like my dad actually!). I also love your stylings. Glad you braved the camera lady. (oh and yes! DIY a doily patch for your daughter – it’s so easy and effective!)

  4. The pictures of Fern, especially the second one (such an intent look!), are so flipping awesome! And you, missy, are beautiful and amazing as well. 🙂 Your mom is gorgeous, too! Y’all have some great genes! 🙂

  5. Hello beautiful lady!!!!! and Utterly lovely mother in style. Lovely to see you all having a wonderful day. Still thinking of your new place…. popped back into my mind today!, though you look like you are making the most of where you are at. Fern is as ever a delight… oh what to do about those little bottoms, too cute for words. MAY YOU HAVE MORE SUNNY DAYS!!! We are so deprived here, trying desperately not to complain too much, but ahhhhhh we need sunlight. I am going to have to find a way to get south this winter.
    xx E

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