Start Lickin’ those Stamps


How are you progressing with putting together your Bio-regional swap package?

In one week, participants are due to send their little pieces of heaven to their partner. Has anyone sent theirs off yet? Or received mail magic? I will confess that my package is part put together and part imagination…never fear Kim (my partner)! I aim for it to be delightful.

We are going out of town today, for some much needed time on home land. I am hoping there are a few apples left on the trees and that we can catch the last of the farmer’s market. Mostly, I am needing to spend some time with the earth, with Leo’s soul, with my own heart.

We won’t be back in time for a post on Monday, and I actually think I may take a short blogging break. My writing always comes from a place of “what’s true, right now”….but I also don’t feel comfortable being totally honest and open with my current process. I am deep in bereavement, and the blogosphere is not the appropriate venue for expression. Plus, while I could talk about mortality until the cows come home, I do understand it is not most people’s cup of tea.

So I will pop back in next week, to cheer us all on the last swap stretch. Have a wonderful weekend and most importantly…








11 thoughts on “Start Lickin’ those Stamps

  1. Yes its in progress…. Excited but still seeking those little extra elements….! And have a wonderful time away, blogging rest and all. Leo’s spirit running about in meadows sounds just right. Be well and take care of yourselves. x E

  2. My package is ready to go but I still haven’t heard from my partner so I know where to send it. Hopefully as launch date gets closer she’ll email me back with her address so I can send her package.

    1. Hi Kim! No, I didn’t get an email from you. You are partnered with Walter (Sempi) I believe. You can try emailing again if you need to: terrallectualism at gmail dot com. I hope all is well! xo

  3. i’m glad we’re moving at the same rate! i need to get my butt in gear and pull it together this week. i’m going to need some cheering on for sure! hope your getaway was inspiring and replenishing….

  4. yes all is well just wanted some more info.Ok i will try again to email you at the above,and i will look for semi45 in my inbox,thank you all for the help im so new to the blog pages im still finding my way around.kimT

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