A Wish on the Wind

And so here we are, on the last day of September. We have walked across the balance beam of  the equinox and are now ever so slowly sliding into the rich dark of Fall. Tomorrow brings one of my favorite months, and you know what that means….

Neither rain nor sleet nor gloom of night can stop your sweet little swap parcels from heading on their way! You ARE ready to send them, aren’t you? NOOOOO??? Well then good, because mine may be perhaps a few days late….mostly because I have had last minute inspiration and want to include it all. If you are in a similar boat, just write your partner and let them know! The deadline is to get us in gear and hold us accountable…but we are also human, and busy ones at that. So just be in communication and I think all will be well.

Elizabeth wrote a beautiful piece about fall and new tidings, health and gift giving. She is excited to send off her package, in anticipation of the giving and the delight. I feel this too, and I wish I could be there when each one of you receives your bitty bit of bioregion, to OOO and AAAh along with you. Some of you have blogs where I hope you will post about your experience…if you do, please leave a link to your post for me. As well, those of you who do not blog, I would love it if you would send me an email with perhaps a picture of your goodness and a little blurb about your package. I will collect them all and put them into a post with links so we can all zip around the web and be that fly-on-the-wall.

So a happy first of October to you all tomorrow and good luck with the last minute preparations. Love to all!



6 thoughts on “A Wish on the Wind

  1. whew….what a relief! i’ve been sick all week and stressing on how i would pull it together to get something to the post office in the morning. these extra few days are appreciated and i will have your parcel off on monday!

  2. Lovely!
    Thanks Mary…. I am just realizing I am on time, and getting used to that idea: ) I never used to be, but it seems I am these days. I will be sure to post about it and link.
    And see it as the beautiful beginnings of a whole lot of generosity moving around this bright earth. Now off to bed with me, been catching up with your more recent posts and loving it all as usual. Such a big heart!!!!!

    x E

  3. Mine went in the post yesterday! I wish I’d had the forethought to stop and make sure I’d remembered everything that morning (there are a few bits and bobs that didn’t make it because they were sitting on my desk at work!) but what I sent I think captures a bit of my bio region and a lot of what inspires me in it! Thank you so much for this chance to connect with others. It really has been an amazing thing to do, I could say so much (and maybe my blog about this will) about community, and connection, and the idea of meeting similar people all over this Earth.

  4. I just sent mine off an hour ago, thinking, as my package plopped atop all the others at zipcode 81301: what a lovely idea!
    Really, such a lovely idea. I would tell you what was in mine, but Lacey might be reading.

  5. yes indeed, my swap mate and i have already agreed we are not too worried about deadlines but slowly but surely mine is coming together and will probably go out this week. (hi cel!)

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