When Yellow Leaves, or Few, or None, Do Hang

Saturday Morning

A neighborhood walk…

(Fern and I watched this 4 alarm fire burn. So sad for the residents and businesses, but so great how the hood has pulled together.)

Saturday afternoon, during nap time. My swap package came!

Kim lives on the coast in San Diego, and I could literally smell the salt air and feel the pelicans flying by. She captured her bioregion so beautifully, with so much heart felt thought.

A hand stenciled pelican shirt for Fern, a card with heartfelt words, beautiful photos (Oh that baby Octi!), a sea stone of the perfect heft, sustainably crafted sage from the inland desert…

Hee hee! Lucky me! Kim says, “If you like tequila, I recommend a Prickly Pear margarita.” Dear Kim, I like the way you think!

A seashore foraging bag for Fern….

And one for Mama too. Just LOOK at these masterpieces folks! Kim, I know you were concerned about potential flaws, but believe me, they are just perfect in our eyes (and I bet in my readers’ too!). Fern has been carrying hers everywhere, and I took mine on a hike yesterday.

Whaaaaat??!!?? Everyone, she made a living wreath with succulents. What…how…where…er….uh….Kim!!! Thank you so much for all the love you put into your package. After opening it, I sat in wonder and awe, just letting it soak in….the heart, the generosity, the wisdom of YOU. A longer email is coming your way girl, but in the meantime, just thank you…so much.

Saturday afternoon at Mary’s. The Other Mary.

Dipping leaves in beeswax….

Fern’s godmama Kerri was there too. (Mary, I can’t believe I didn’t get a pic of you!)

Mary made wool ghosties on a string. Fern woke me up this morning going, “Wooooooo! Woooooo!!” in her best undead voice.

Eden and Elijah, Fern’s new friends.


A long hike up Mt. Tam and back down to Stinson Beach for dear, dear America, who is getting married in two weeks!

Black fungus, a tell tale sign of Sudden Oak Death. So sad.

Sunday evening. A return to home, and a toddler who clamored for “Park!”. I acquiesced…with blisters the size of Maryland and legs that were refusing to coordinate.

Twilight of the day, and twilight of the year, where the dimming light brings forth colors that pale in full sun.

Happy Monday, y’all.


P.s. Did you receive your swap package yet?

P.p.s. My salsa now looks like sourdough bread. Compost time!


7 thoughts on “When Yellow Leaves, or Few, or None, Do Hang

  1. AWWWW i miss the nature down there so much. i wanna go on a hike. dude, seriously, you and your partner need to make more babies. that kid of yours is seriously cuter than cute. it’s almost ridiculous. i would sit around all day just chewing on those cheeks. what a great package, too!

  2. that package!!! oh my goodness, i now see the fullness of the whole idea through kim’s devoted work. each little detail of her package not only warms the heart with its care and beauty, it also takes me back to my own childhood down in Escondido. the living wreath with succulents is stunning; and each photograph a tiny doorway into another world. and those mermaid bags are so darling; i imagine they give just that much more joy to the foraging experience…or sliding in some library books, or carrying sandwiches to the park….all with a bit more color and friendly pizzazz. anyway your mt tam pictures took my breath away, your weekend activities were a delight to see and next time i am definitely getting in on the bioregional swap action.

  3. your package looks amazing! can’t wait to send mine off.

    the second to last photo is beautiful. i wish i was walking through there right now.

  4. woah. woah. woah! that is a package i would orgasm over. sparked! i’m sparked! and what lucky girls you two are. and your hiking trails. you’d not get me out of there very easily. and your friend’s house. and i’ve never made beeswax leaves. that’s neat. and your daughter’s cheeks. they make me feel like i’ve had dreams about them. but me and baby cheeks are just a thing. like all other women and baby cheeks on earth are a thing. but you know. chemistry. i have some chemistry with those ones on fern. i think brigit does too. chemistry is fun. yay for the swap. yay!!!!


  5. i’m so happy you like your stuff! thanks for showing the love here on your blog! i wish i had a blog so i could feature all of the lovely things you sent to me. i would like to talk about them here, so the other swappers can at least get an idea of MY awesome package!
    So everyone……Mary sent me such a cool variety of goodies from SF! Local honey and coffee…HOMEMADE jam, apple butter, DANDELION WINE (yes!), and 3 wildcrafted tinctures (st. johns, motherwort, and yarrow)….the coolest ornaments and earrings made out of treebark……a whole array of seeds to plant in my garden……unique homemade vintage patches……feathers……and a few cd’s. I wish there was a way to attach a photo of it all here. I am so appreciative of these offerings and the opportunity to be in this swap. I was a great idea and a lot of fun! Thank you again Mary!!!

  6. Ok, after seeing the beautiful and brilliant swap package you received and now reading about the one you sent above, I am feeling so inspired to put the finishing touches on the one I’ll be sending off to Anne this week. Due to our busy lives, we agreed on mid-October, which is NOW, yikes, better get to work!

  7. So inspiring! The swap is a wonderful idea… such a great way to touch someone far away. Anyway, I looove the little ghosts, and I might have to borrow them for our toddler craft project later this week. : )

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