Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off to Bioneers I Go

It’s that time of year again. Were you reading along with me last year? It’s interesting for me to read this post now, given all that has transpired, especially this summer. I dared to hope, and then this summer I let go of hope entirely….but I am not in a place of discouragement. Rather, I am curious and open as to how to play the game, since my own rules have changed.

Holos Institute will be staffing a table, right next to the Earth Medicine Alliance, who are super rad. If I wasn’t a Holosian, I would be following EMA around like a star struck groupie. If you live in the Bay Area and are coming to Bioneers, do stop by and say hello! I will be there most of the day, today and tomorrow.

In other news, I tried making the salsa again, using proper whey:

That looks better, doesn’t it!?

I also took a picture of the Salsa Fail from last week. I need to dump these jars out but I haven’t yet due to 1. resistance and 2. fear of what godawful smells will emerge.

Ha ha ha ha hahahahahahahaaaaaa. Soooooo gross.

Just a short post this morning, as I have 80 million things to do before heading up to Marin. I wanted to thank everyone who commented on my last post. I always feel particularly cringey about sharing more personal processes. But as Heather recently said, if I’m going to write, I have to be authentic, or else it just doesn’t work. (That was a really bad paraphrasing…she said it better than that!). I also wanted to mention that a few folks recently have talked about not knowing what to say, or feeling shy or intimidated about commenting and I just want you to know…I don’t need perfect words or solutions and wisdom….I just love hearing from you, from your heart. I love hearing about YOUR experience, so please share and don’t worry…I feel lucky if I get comments, and I’m certainly not judging them!

On that note, I haven’t had as much time lately to comment on my comments. I was very touched by those last responses, so I hope to find time in the next few days to do so. Also, if I haven’t visited your blog lately, please don’t take it personally…right now I have time to visit about one per day.

Have a fantastic weekend lovers. I leave you with some pictures I did not take, of a beautiful little girl enjoying the return of Indian Summer.

Taken by Jeff at the playground in GG Park.


2 thoughts on “Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off to Bioneers I Go

  1. lmao. i just had epic lacto pickle failure and had the same thing going on where i didn’t want to open them to dump them, but then of course they just smell all the worse when you give them extra time to rot in there. i share your pain. your new batch looks super tasty! i bet jeff will eat that one.

  2. here’s a funny visual I just had…Fern holding her nose shut while helping you hold your’s too, as you attempt to bravely open up the bottles & compost the failed batch! Hahaha. Thumbs way up on the second attempt!

    Love Fern’s little dress & her pics. The turtle seems to be thinking in one, “Hey, kid… Get offa my back, puleeaz! I had a bad lunch and this ain’t helpin!!'” 🙂

    And Mary, thanks for addressing the shyness/not finding words problem. I am one who experiences the many different reasons those blocks happen (way too long to explain ’em all)– will have typed something, then hesistate, lose nerve to hit “enter” (or else hit enter and then panic “did I really want to say that?”) . Losing sight that feedback is important — that you know what you have shared has reached us – and in which ways. Thank you for encouraging we hesistant ones, ok? Hope to be a braver turtle! (sorry, I can’t help but throw that out when turtles are in the post) 🙂

    wOO hOO for one glorious Fall day at this very moment! Ciao!

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