Occupy Earth

We had a fantastic weekend. Saturday was spent in Sacramento at my cousin’s (Hi Kristin!) for her little fella’s third birthday. We brought Leonidas so that he could meet the cousins too. This is the part where I would offer visions of little kids playing in harmony…but we forgot the camera…AGAIN.

Sunday, we took BART to Occupy Oakland, to stand in solidarity with the Tar Sands protesters in Washington.

We met on the steps of Oakland city hall, right there with the Occupy encampment. The group started out small and swelled to over 100.

It was cold and the energy of the campers was upbeat, but subdued. It was downright boring. The mayor of Oakland needs to pull her head out of her tush, and get behind the protesters 100%.

My friend Kerri recently made 500 chocolate chip cookies and took them to the square on the day of the general strike, where they were highly appreciated. Occupy needs good meals, but they also need comfort food. Anything is appreciated. When we were there, they had hot lentil soup and donations of bread. As we marched past, in the true spirit of generosity, they tried to get us to eat before we left!

And I mean it.

“Give a WHOOP! Don’t pollute!”. Two “whooping cranes” were there, with signs and an iphone soundtrack of the birds in flight. So darling. Tar sand extraction spells danger for all birds, especially the migratory patterns, when birds are at their weakest.

There was lots of singing, with refrains of “NO!”.

Fern really liked the “NO!” part.

We marched to the Obama for America office one block away and gathered out front.



For her first protest, Fern did great. Poor little git didn’t know what was going on, and it was right at nap time, so she really wanted to sleep and nurse while I juggled the camera and the sign. The organizers took a video (which isn’t up yet, but I’ll share when I find it) of everyone chanting, “Barack Obama, Yes You Can! Say No to the Tar Sands!” and I think you’ll probably be able to hear Fern chiming in with a chant of her own, “NUMMIE NUMS! NUMMIES NUMS!”

Here’s some footage of us practicing the chant before the offical vid.

We joined hands, surrounded the building, and managed to encircle it.

Have you caught the news about the protest in Washington? Over 10,000 people gathered, and joined hands to circle the White House…in a line 3 people deep! Bill Mckibben, you ROCK.

Photos from the protest in DC.

By the time we headed back home on BART, Fern was a tired, and wired, toddler.

Zombie baby will get you.


My experience was invigorating and heartening. For the first time since I started activism around this planned travesty, I feel HOPE. It is the kind of hope that is standing side by side with “the facts” but as Wendell Berry says, “Be joyful, though you have considered all the facts.”.

In other delicious, but unrelated news from this weekend, we finished off the last of the lacto-fermented salsa. We made a hearty pre-protest breakfast of local eggs scrambled with labneh, sauteed shiitakes, local corn tortillas and the dredges of the salsa on top.

Not to be without some jar of bubbling goo on the shelves, I replaced the salsa with a jar of lacto-fermented ketchup. The initial taste results are fantastic…I just hope the kitchen isn’t too cold to make it do its magic. Winter has arrived.

So have the new crop potatoes, just in time for more ketchup than I have eaten in ten years.

How was your weekend?

Happy Monday!


3 thoughts on “Occupy Earth

  1. The one good thing about this weekend was reading about the protests, yayayay! I wish I could have been there, or for that matter anywhere (I’m sick.) to show solidarity. Instead, I’m raising my arm from to bottom of my own cozy bed. I’m so happy Fern got to have her first and that you took lots of pictures. It’s fun to have them when she’s older. I love my baby’s first protest shots. I can imagine that being in a space where screaming “nooooo” is totally socially acceptable can be quite liberating for a kid 😉
    Happy you got to have a awesome weekend. I want one too, but thanks for the vicarious pleasure.
    Recipe for the lacto-fermented ketchup please. Looks delicious.

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