Sentimental, and Proud of It

Thanksgiving is done and done. And you know where that puts us, don’t you?

It’s officially that time of year. We are on the fast sled ride down the snowy slope to Winter Solstice. Today I will bust out the vintage Xmas tchotchkes and gild the mini pinecones. I am putting the last touches on choreography for the holiday Hubba Hubba Revue, dreaming of what kind of homemade stocking stuffers I can throw together and deepening into the magic happening within psychic hibernation. But really, there’s one thing I’m talking about here, one thing I love most of all.

I am now allowed to hum classic christmas tunes without getting the strange looks that happen when I slip up in say, oh, February. It’s true. Just when you thought I couldn’t be any more of a dweeb, I offer you further proof. I love me some Bing, some Como, and some Garland, but most of all, I love me some Cole. Yup. Teary eyed every time. Although it’s been said, many times, many ways…Merry Christmasssss, tooooo youuuuuu.”.Β 

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We have some catching up to do…some wrapping up, if you will. So I invite you to press play, and enjoy a little geeky pleasure while I share some visions from a beautiful day spent with family, in one of my favorite corners of the world. If you’re related to me, enjoy the photos and I look forward to seeing yours. If you’re not related to me, you’re about to see a lot of strangers.

Keep warm!

Thursday was a long, luxurious day. There was creativity…

Apparently finger print drawing is serious business.

And play…

Mostly play, actually…

Good eats…

MORE creativity…

And family. Love family…

Someone (ok, ME) neglected to take a picture of my loving man on Thanksgiving day. So here’s one from the hijinks of the next day.

Which leads me to say…stay tuned this week as I share the rest of our journey up north.

How was your Thanksgiving, if you celebrate it? Also, what do you love about this time of year?



12 thoughts on “Sentimental, and Proud of It

  1. omg. you are my long lost christmas dweeb sister. the minute i got home from thanksgiving i made a playlist on youtube of all my favorite old christmas songs. when i was a kid we’d listen to the records, but no one has a record player anymore. bing, como, nat king cole! and judy garland’s i’ll be home for christmas makes me weep. i’m such a dork. i looooove christmas decorations and it’s the most wonderful time of the year!!! if only we could hang out and listen to frank sinatra sing silent night while drinking hot toddy’s and threading popcorn and cranberries for the tree. no one feels me on the xmas love in my family. they look at me like i’m weird.

    1. girrrrl, you are singing my xmas tune! i wanted to get the fam together to string ye old popcorn and crans…no one was into it. “have yourself a merry little xmas” was playing this morning and i got weepy…fern looked at me perplexed and said, “mama’s upset?”. i explained it was my favorite xmas song and she nodded and said something about poo.

      i’ve got you down, somewhere, somehow, for a little xmas gathering and cheer. maybe we should do it virtually and post about it. πŸ™‚

  2. I actually did string popcorn and cranberries last year and I think I’ll do it again this year (they looked so pretty!). I’m a sucker for the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack myself. Listening to Baby it’s cold outside while scrolling through your pics was so lovely, what a perfect soundtrack!

    We had a really fun Thanksgiving afternoon with my sisters and their kids and significant others at my mom’s house. Super yummy dinner and lots of laughs. Then spent the evening with some of Lucas’ family. We’re lucky to have most of our immediate families living very close by, it makes for much more laid back holidays, I think πŸ™‚

    1. i love how grounded your life is, here in the bay area. how wonderful for you and how special for clover! and since i think you are most cool, i now feel less dweeby for breaking out the needle and thread for stringin berries. πŸ™‚

  3. we did alcatraz in the morning, and then back to town to have fry bread with my mom and grandma in the afternoon (with napping in between since we got up at 3:30am in order to get to the ferry terminal on time–though i should specify that only my husband and i napped, the kids were all chipper and active all day, until they crashed and burned after dinner).

    i almost exclusively have the urge to sing xmas songs in, like, may or june. one of many ways i am inappropriate…and speaking of inappropriate, i did watch bill nighy as aging rock star billy mack this weekend–i always watch “love actually” at least once every holiday season. in the nest few weeks i will also watch as many versions of “miracle on 34th street” as possible, with a dash of “elf” and a sprinkle of “it’s a wonderful life”

    glad to see you and yours had a lovely holiday.

    1. reading about fry bread this early in the morning reminds me of how hungry i am. yum! i would love to hear about your sunrise ceremony experience. i am also so pleased to know that you are a xmas nerd too, and i have taken your recommendation to watch elf…i had forgotten how great it is.

  4. I love Christmas songs, but mostly the kind of traditional Finnish ones and “Walking in the Air” from the Snowman movie soundtrack, the stuff that instantly whisks me back to childhood, for better or worse. I’m a huge sap for the Finnish equivalent of caroling which is just singing around the house all through December while baking. Sigh. Looks like there’s a little Christmas nerd in everyone…

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