Not Even a Mouse

It sure is quiet ’round these parts. Where’d everybody go?  Probably somewhere similar to me…on the out-of-control toboggan ride towards the holy-days. Although from my experience, this is more a part of big city living…the frenetic-ness, the absolute lack of good cheer from other fellow humans, the bonking of the head on the proverbial wall of “Why Why Why did I overcommit myself just when I want to do nothing but slow down?”. This weekend is the pinnacle for me, with my first performance in two years happening tonight, and our solstice ritual for Holos taking place tomorrow evening. Sunday, I am slamming on the breaks and woe to the person who tries to get me to hurry anywhere…they will meet the grinch, for sure.

In the meantime, I do hope you will comment on my last post regarding your family’s holiday traditions, as I LOVE hearing about the sacredness in your lives. To send us off into the weekend, and in the spirit of coziness, here are the seasonal books that Fern is loving right now:

The Tomten. I love this story so much…it’s gentle pace, the love shown to the animals, the nourishing simplicity. Beautiful.

Also, while googling this book, I found this wonderful site about bringing kids books to life.


The Wild Christmas Reindeer by Jan Brett. This is a new one for us, just picked up at the library. Fern already clamors for it, “The dee book! The dee book!”. What enamors me is the process the little elf goes through, from domination to cooperation, from a need to control, to trust. The illustrations are gorgeous and there is subtle humor too.

Owl Moon by Jane Yolen. Another story filled with the silence of mid-winter. We found this one at a random thrift store in Shasta Co. There is anticipation, suspense, surprise and the deepening of familial bonds. Plus it’s fun to try out your owl call!


I still have my Grosset and Dunlap puppet storybook version of The Night Before Christmas. It’s great in a weird vintage way. Also slightly creepy. I think it is out of print.

We also picked up this version at the library. I get all choked up when it comes to Santa Claus. Seriously, by the time he exclaims as he rides out of sight, I am all misty eyed.

“Laying his finger aside of his nose”. Did you know that during times of pagan persecution, when it was dangerous to even practice herbalism or folk healing, that a finger on the side of the nose was a secret signal to let others know you were of the old religion? I love that this bit made it into the famous poem.

And not that is has anything to do with this time of year, but Fern is obsessed with The Sneetches and the story “What Was I Scared Of?” (Creepy pale green pants, with nobody inside them! Of course.)

She references it by saying, “Book. That guy. AAAAh! Help! That one?”


I also found this site that I can’t wait to comb around. But it will have to wait until after Saturday. Now I need to use this window of time to set my hair into pincurls, while painting props. Gotta run! *sigh*

What books do you love this time of year?



6 thoughts on “Not Even a Mouse

  1. You know, I love The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. Totally classic and my favorite line is about how his heart grew two sizes that day. Sigh…

  2. I love ALL of these books.
    Also, I feel like I must have missed something around here. There’s a young boy who keeps showing up in your posts. Who he be?

  3. You should also try “Trouble with Trolls” & “Christmas Trolls,” both also by Jan Brett. Hayle (my sister) loved both when she was a wee one, and sometimes I still love to flip through and look at the absolutely beautiful illustrations. Both are very sweet stories with a winter-y/Christmas theme.

  4. I LOVE The Wild Christmas Reindeer! It’s my mom’s favorite book! PLEASE read The Trouble With Trolls to your little girl! It’s another book by Jan Brett.

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