It Doesn’t Matter if We Rot Out Her Baby Teeth, Right?

Greetings from Santa’s Workshop. Mama Elf here. I hope you can hear me above the clamor of tiny hammers, humming sewing machines and the occasional cry of pain from the overzealous application of hot glue. A successful weekend of productions behind me, I am now frenetically googling how to make milk paint (forget it!) and bemoaning my missed opportunity to just order gifts off Etsy. Keeping in line with our values, this season’s gift giving will be homespun and small.

I have paused to consider, however, the possibility that Fern may not want a stuffed owl, or a felt play mat for her gnomes and rocks. If she understood the concept, I suspect she would whisper into Santa’s ear that she wants a bowl of sugar and a train set. She still can’t say the name of her brother, and instead calls him “Guy”, but she says “Candy!” clear as a bell…and does so about 80,000 times a day. She is head over heels for her Thomas the Train (on loan from a friend of Jeff’s) and refers to it as “Woooooo. Weeeeeee.” after The Train to Timbuctoo.


So it was with great relish that Fern got to enjoy the Christmas Display at Tom and Jerry’s for the second year in a row. Santa was in better spirits this time and fulfilled at least one wish with a candy cane for her very own. Unlike all the other children who stood in line with stars in their eyes for their chance to sit on the lap of the Big Cahuna himself, Fern found her place front and center with two other little boys and the rollercoaster of her dreams. This girl needs visions of sugar plums AND loop-de-loo woo wees.

A big thank you to Tom and Jerry who do this awesomeness every year, free of charge. For your own chance to sit on Santa’s lap, you’ve got until Christmas eve, as he will be making appearances nightly until then. Go up 21st st. from Church st., and you can’t miss it. If you’ve been good…and if you’ve eaten your vegetables (he asks everyone!)…you too can get a candy cane.

Perhaps the most convincing reason to make time in your busy holiday schedule:

Ho Ho Ho!


4 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Matter if We Rot Out Her Baby Teeth, Right?

  1. pure christmassy giddiness, so adorable! good luck with those homemade gifties mama, i admire your grit…i say i’ll make gifts every year and then time slips away from me. but at least i’m shopping on main street 🙂 looks like you guys are having an absolute blast over there. these photos were cotton candy for the eyes!

  2. i had a small panic attack reading the title, because my poor older kid really did have such horrible decay on his baby teeth due to night nursing, and so many hippie woo woo people kept insisting that breastmilk, while full of sugar, is a magical substance that could never decay teeth and who cares anyway because they are just baby teeth. so i was like NOOOOOO MARY NOOOOO!!
    so glad that this post was completely the opposite of that. CANDY! GUY! two words that are very important.

  3. I think my youngest’s first word was candy! We do mostly handmade too, but grandparents and friends give them money, so we let them pick what they would like with their money. Mostly, it’s Legos. My little one went through a hardcore Thomas phase a couple of years ago. We have them saved in the attic to pass along to friends and family (there is no way those were going to the thrift store!) If it’s OK with you, I’m sure a little elf here would love to pass some along to Fern. Just message me. Bright blessings.

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