Space is Finite and Time Infinite

Do y’all remember Y2K? That conceptual ticking time bomb that vaguely had something to do with ones and zeros and total nuclear meltdown and infrastructure collapse and no ones coffee machine working on January 1st, 2000? On New Year’s Eve of Y2K, I had skipped town with my best friend, leaving the spastic excitement of partying like it was 1999 for a cabin on the Feather River. As we stood at our bonfire at ten minutes to midnight, we were joined by a gold panner who also worked for the National UFO Reporting Center . The clock ticked over into 2000 with nary a pause from the crickets, sparks from the fire floating into the quiet stars. We spent the next two hours regaled with stories of flying saucers over Belden Town, and I swore to never, NEVER buy into apocalypse predictions ever again.

Because it hadn’t been the first time. In 1984 I was in 6th grade, but even at 11 years old, I felt the grip of apprehension. I had only the vaguest idea of what it was all about, but the whispered hype had created a dystopian demon that loomed over my little pre teen heart. In the 90s, I was living in Humboldt County. Gordon Michael Scallion had predicted beach front property for the state of Nevada and in the fall of 1993 I walked around in a pot smoke induced paranoia fog of tsunami terror for months.

Here we are in 2012, and the Nuage communities in the Bay Area are all in a tither, getting ready for the Enlightenment to Come, and preparing their disaster kits just in case it’s aliens and earthquakes instead of a messianic alignment with the Milky Way. Every time the digital clock says 11:11, half the people in the room get a little glaze over their eyes and I know more than one person who is planning a trip to Machu Picchu for the winter solstice.

Then the camera pans over to me, retching into a bucket and rolling my eyes.

I’m not going to write another article debunking the 2012 Myth, because a quick google search will give you plenty. I also doubt that any of my regular readers buy into the cataclysmic predictions, but I am willing to bet that the idea there will be a great awakening, or enlightenment or shift in consciousness holds a little bit more weight. That last bit would be nice. But I think it’s also extremely unlikely, since it’s a theory that evaporates pretty fast if you leave the bar at the corner of Progressive and Liberal, take a right and walk over the Spiritual Bypass bridge, crossing the Mainstream into the Neighborhood of the Disenfranchised. “Shifts in Consciousness”…at least the ones that have sticking power…take a long time to integrate. There’s a lot of dysfunction and suffering out there in the world, and most people on this planet are just trying to figure out how to survive. Ideas of Magical Transformation and everyone becoming enlightened according to the standard of Yoga Journal and Shaman’s Drum are the privilege of the entitled.

It doesn’t take being a member of The Rainbow Tribe to know that shit ain’t right. Here we are in early January, and the plum tree down the street has fruit on it. You know what I think is worth worrying about and investing inventive energy into? How to create change…real change…so that my daughter will not inherit Hell on Earth. I’m far more concerned about the fact that the pond in Maine my father used to ice skate on as a kid has yet to freeze over and winter is half over, than I am about the Age of Aquarius. If we care one lick about this world, we have our work cut out for us. Waiting for Magical Mayans is a distraction and a waste of time. Here is an excerpt from an article by Larry Robinson, an ecopsychologist in Sonoma County:

“Many people are convinced that we are headed inexorably toward collapse and extinction. Others are equally certain that a new world of peace and justice is being born. Ideology offers the false comfort of certainty but it forestalls the creative role of imagination. Our greatest challenge…may be to learn to be at home in uncertainty and yet still engage with passion and commitment. The stakes are too high for us to indulge in either naive hope or pessimism.

We won’t be saved by technology or the market, or Obama or Jesus or Mayan prophecies. All we have is ourselves and each other. That is all we have ever had. But it might be enough. If we can bring a sense of curiosity, imagination and humility to the enormous project of saving the world, we just might tip the scales toward the survival and renewed flourishing of life on Earth.” (excerpt first published in “Ripples” magazine)

Here is a hilarious and snarky “debunking” of 2012 prophecies:

And here’s some more water to put out your own 2012 bonfire…

~It doesn’t really come as a total shock that Christopher Colombus…an explorer and religious fanatic who groveled insanely to the Spanish crown that the Americas he had discovered were actually the East Indies and who was also responsible for colonization that lead to massive genocide…was also the first propagator of the “Maian” Prophecies. Thanks Chris!

~Ask an astrobiologist about the likelihood of the world ending in 2012.

~NASA really wishes people would shut the fuck up already.

~And the Mayans would like us to wake up and smell the coffee.


12 thoughts on “Space is Finite and Time Infinite

  1. Mary Mary Mary, lady you talk utter sense to me. i love reading your blogs and comments from you (on mine) and feeling at ease.Some of what you articulated in this post about a shift of consciousness is what I hope is happening. I truly believe that it begins with a thought – i’m not so delusional to assume that the world is going to magically change in an instant,that kind of amazing sh*t takes time.Lots of it. But it gives me hope that change is afoot- even if it is only in the words of tiny blog communities like this one. Getting people to think, getting them to consider a different way of looking at our planet. And THANK YOU for commenting so thoughtfully on my retrospect post. I’m going to use your parking mantra. I should also say, that while I’m using positive visualisation.. there is no space for me to worry – heehee i’m tricking my worries. “A peaceful heart” – thank you Mary; the words you chose to describe what i need actually hit the nail right on the head.

    1. teeny, of course! i struggle with similar issues as to what you write about, so i really get it at that “gut” level. i haven’t forgotten about your pants, btw!

  2. Mary,
    You are hilariously and frankly right on. Doesn’t seem to matter which group one is speaking of, all are looking for a savior, hero, force or something of some kind outside of themselves to deliver the answers, solutions, redemption, consciousness in a convenient package whether president, messiah, or date on a calendar. Not to be trite, but being the change we wish to see in the world was good advice from Ghandi, and, to my mind, the only solution at hand. I was at Mt. Pico Blanco in Big Sur on Y2K imagining with my friends how long we could survive back there foraging etc. When a plane flew overhead that morning and we realized it was all horse shit, I had to accept that I wasn’t going to co-create a post-apocalyptic Utopia, and, honestly, now I know that I don’t want to. I want to fight the good fight while holding firmly to love and grounding myself in this moment, and this moment, and this moment…

    I’m sure you’ve heard of First World Problems
    the whole New Age 2012 Consciousness shift seems like something that should be called First World Delusions/Fantasies. (Though, as you noted, all people located in the “first world” are not living a first world lifestyle.)


    1. i love your y2k story! and that quote from ghandi is not trite at all…it’s one of my favorites. also, i put most of my problems lately in the category of first world because of that website. hilarious!

  3. Mary, the new age era of enlightenment is just months away now. 12/21/2012 will mark the end of the old world dominated by bankers and their usury and the beginning of the return to the constitutional form of government we should be living under where we are all equals in the world. The Law of Nature will once again become the supreme law that we follow. (Speak with a First Nation elder for those of you reading this that don’t know this law) Common Law, (also know as the Law of Merchants), will be the secondary law that we will follow.

    1. walter, you know i love you, but we are def not on the same page about this. have you spoken first hand with a first nation elder? i have serious reservations about anything anyone claims about what indigenous people say…unless it straight from their mouth. enlightenment would be great, but i don’t think it’s happening at the stroke of midnight. hopefully i’m wrong! in the meantime, i hope 2012 is full of potential and joy for you…and not just based on predictions.

  4. Haha! I LOVE the video and cartoon. It always seemed so idiotic to me that people came to the conclusion that because the Mayan calendar ended in 2012… that meant tht the world would, too. Every. Single. Time. Someone would talk about it I’d be like: “They had to stop making the calendar at some point. 2012 was waaaay into the future for them, it’s surprising they went up that far.” Why would they keep going? When would it naturally end? Probably at extermination. But some idiot would probably point out some sort of link between the fall of the Mayan civilization and the fall of mankind. Because people like to have some sort of advanced notice. Ranting est fini. Very funny:)

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