La Nina

As a pretty lady recently said, it’s been a warm…bizarrely warm…winter so far, with nothing in the forecast but more of the same. Predictions of a new Dust Bowl aside, it makes for a mighty fine weekend.

Saturday morning was chilly, but glorious and found us at China Beach.

Fern was so sad that we couldn’t go in the water. I tried explaining how arctic the temperature would be and she would just nod and say, “Ok. I do! Let’s do it.”. These brave souls didn’t help much.

Sunday we schelpped it out early to the Alemany Flea Market. It was a good treasure day for me and I’ll have to post about my finds later this week.

Flea Markets aren’t as difficult with the hot cookie as they used to be, but there was still a lot of this:

This has got to be one of my favorite ways to spend a morning. I fall in love with far more than I can afford to buy, but just being immersed in the history of the detritus that so much life has touched is enough bliss.

Fern and I were appropriately dressed for the occasion.

After lunch at home, our friend Paul came over to spend the afternoon. Fern still can’t say her brother’s name and instead calls him, “Gumball Guy” and in general skips all proper nouns except for Paul. I think he might be her first love.

We went on a wagon walk through the neighborhood. First stop was Duboce Park, where I discovered that Fern has been absorbing more than I had dared to dream.

And there were Daddy hijinks.

I had spotted something earlier in the week, so we went to check it out.

There are at least four unless swings in the hood. The facebook page says to look out for more to come. Yay swings!

Although more than a little bit of me feels alarm at the extreme weather, and I feel like a peach tree trying not to get tricked into being unseasonal, I must say that my heart falls for feeling like it’s spring, hook line sinker. It’s easier to let the love light in, and something inside anticipates unfurling, sprouting, blooming. All of nature seems to be confused in this way right now, and the crab apple trees are in three seasons at once, half dying leaves, half flowers, a smattering of fruit. I pray for rain, and yet after so much personal darkness in the last half of 2011, I am grateful for a reprieve.

Hope this week finds you swingin’ on a star.


10 thoughts on “La Nina

  1. Those swings rock! I want those in my neighborhood!
    Your pictures are very fun. I think you all look pretty hip hop happenin’. I’m also loving this weather but leery of what’s to come in the near and far future.

    I also love that your comment section has spell check. Makes me feel safe commenting hear.


  2. you are too dang cute swinging on that swing! i think 2012 suits you well my dear. you and the whole dang family. as much as i love my foothills and mountains, you guys realllly make me crave the ocean. i love that it is familiar to fern as her own neighborhood; what a great way to grow up.

    also, your slip dresses are super inspiring. you look graceful and funky at once. rad combo.

    happiness abounds!

  3. I’m completely in love with your outfit. You are full of zing lady! And oh my god, i took the La Nina link….WE HAVE NO CORN IN OUR SUPERMARKETS, i was just talking about this with a friend this morning, normally you can get sweetcorn so cheaply this time of year. and our stone fruit isn’t as ripe as it ought to be. sigh. It was the same for us with Spring like symptoms at the beginning of our winter last year….steve and i noticed a peach tree down the road was getting blossoms. But winter did eventually come. I am not particularly fond of that season and so now hardly remember it! I’m adding Alemany Flea market to our virtual travel itinerary map for June! i seem to be adding markets and thrift stores and my war-trivia nerd husband is adding war museums, monuments etc. Well, at least it’s eclectic.

  4. Ditto on the clothes commentary. You rock it lady! That second photo down is inspirational, edgy, fun, comfy. Geesh, come dress me. Or maybe I need to visit a flea market again. Heck, I miss flea markets. Anyhow, the weather is odd this year. I was just wondering what the Farmer’s Almanac says for 2012 the other day. It is dry dry dry up north of you. Eerily dry. I keep soaking up the sun and telling the kids, it’s going to get really wet really soon…and then more sun. Cheers to you and your beautiful family!

  5. Firstly Mary, I’m really loving your outfits in this post, so fun! Way to rock the duck boots and fuzzy hat, not to mention that gorgeous floral top thingy, so pretty!

    Secondly, I love the “pray” photo. I was admiring it through my reader, and lo and behold when I clicked through to comment saw that you had made it your header, nice!

    You should definitely go check out the Miwok village next time you’re in Point Reyes, it’s the perfect kid-friendly activity. It’s surprising that nobody seems to know about it. It was actually Lucas’ idea to go. He remembered visiting it as a kid. I’d never been either.

    I love wandering flea markets too and can totally empathize with the kiddo on the ground scenario, haha. Do you ever go to the Alameda flea? I’ve wanted to go for years and have yet to do so. Perhaps that would be a fun meetup spot at some point? A wonderful addition to my 2012 lineup of fun day trips for sure!

  6. the world needs more swings, so hooray for the unless-ers!
    oh fleas, i start to itch just peering at other folks’ visits to them. and thank you so much for the heads-up on the white elephant sale. i have heard of it but never gone. i am going to have to hit it up for sure this year. it will be a perfect sunday family adventure, for as much as it may have been a minor pain to have my little ones with me flea marketing in the past, they have grown–ahem, been indoctrinated–into talented and enthusiastic little pickers. persevere mama!
    i love the new header image 🙂

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