Bits and Bobs

Happy Friday friends!

First of all, I wanted to thank those of you who commented…with such warmth, compassion, receptivity and just plain friendliness…on my last post. I will respond to each of your individual comments as I get the chance today, but an overall expression of gratitude is in order. I said it this way to a friend this morning, “this blog is a place where I continually risk exposure, and being received with such warmth is so healing.”. If you can believe it, I hesitated saying those words about Leo because I thought if you knew that perhaps the darkness of that secret would be too much to bear, and you would turn away. As I have begun to forgive myself, the potential for being undefended has increased. This makes having a soft heart not such a liability, and instead, a strength.

And so, in light of lightness, I will leave you this week with a post about fluff. Glorious, magpie-esque, beauty unto the beholder’s eye stuff. One woman’s trash is another woman’s flea market treasure.

My first trove of prettyprettyshiny from last Sunday’s jaunt to the Alemany Flea Market, was found with a gentleman who was selling costume jewelry for a buckapiece.

Slap some acorns and leaves on it and I’m as nutty as a squirrel.

A foraging gal must always dress the part, and thistles in bloom are the perfect insignia for the quest. (The book was a find from another flea market day about a year ago. I can’t wait to crack the spine for story hour when Fern is old enough to meet Alice.)

Two sets of gaudy earrings. The first, delectable art nouveauish kitschy fans. And the second…stars of the sea, just the thing for all of the ocean explores we’ve been having.

The letters I found several years ago when I went junking. They are two of my most exquisite finds, and also a source of remorse…simply because I was being frugal and only purchased two…out of a whole box of correspondance! The price was too steep for me at the time, but that money is long gone, whereas my wish to have the rest of the letters lives on.

I don’t know that this ring is so old, but the coppery bits in the middle and its ornate frame make me happy.

This book is in heavy rotation right now, and was not procured from Alemany, but rather from Cal’s Books in Redding (all you bookworm gals, you would die and go to heaven!). In highschool, long before Amazon or the internet for that matter, Cal’s was the only source in town for finding witchy, occultish books. I still get a secret thrill when I go in, but now my eyes track for vintage kids’ books. This one has one of my favorite poems, “Oh the world is so full of a number of things, I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings.”. True dat.

A faux sweater set, maybe from the 40s? Or perhaps 70s…hard to tell. But sweetly divine. And also this…

A little apron that puts me in the mood of a Jan Brett story.

Can we talk for a minute about these shoes? About how much they break my heart and simultaneously piss me off? They were not cheap, and I saved my pennies for FIVE YEARS so I could buy them. I’ve only had them for a year, they have been to the shop twice, and still the rubber soles have completely come off, and you can see that the stitching on the right boot is totally undone. Fluevog, what happened to you? I am still looking for an ebay score on roper boots, since apparently these “1920s work boots” hold up just about as well as if they were that old. Le sigh.

And with that sweethearts, I bid you adieu. And thank you, again, from the bottom of my heart. Your hands of kindness have undone my chains, and being unshackled reminds me of how it feels to skip in the sun.

Have a wonderful weekend.


5 thoughts on “Bits and Bobs

  1. Being emotional,or vulnerable; is such a strength Mary. I think those traits Invoke trust and honesty in others around you. I have a male friend who tries to hide those parts of himself, and in doing so, becomes fraudulent to himself and others. So….thank you for being brave and sharing. Also, what a haul of goods!!!! i like your choices; am very much looking forward to checking out flea markets and thrift stores in your big land.

    1. that’s so true teeny, i think it’s a strength too…yet it also takes strength sometimes to remember that. culturally, being emotional in this country is seen as weakness…especially intensely emotional. if you’re a man, forget it, if you’re a woman, you’re hysterical and need to be put on meds. i have to counteract that mainstream voice in my head that wants to criticize. voices like yours are a good antidote.

  2. hi dear. i am in love with the pray sign. thank you. i am just beginning to reenter this world. i think i am anyways. like i ever know. but i am here now. writing words to you! i had the thought of how much i would like it if we could share jewelry. like if we were neighbors. i would like to borrow all of those gems at some point please. and the sweater set too. you are a light. a precious light in this world. a beaming strong warm light. i am so grateful to get to see and feel your light. wish. pray. dive. cry. breathe. appreciate. laugh!

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