“It’s a Drag, but It’s Also… Amazing”

This weekend found me short on sleep, and good humor, but there was still a lot of beauty.


(Our niece Jillian is doing The Flat Stanley Project in her class. Perfect excuse to go back to the Ice Cream Bar)


Vegan Chocolate Chip Pecan Brownie Waffles. With strawberries that came from the land of spring, 8,000 miles away. Oops.

Leo said, “I’ve had something better than this before.”. Kids these days…sheesh.

Impromptu classical concert playing…Cold Play? Yes.

The reason one hears so often, “I never had allergies until I came to San Francisco”. Acacia.

I finally planted my November birthday present from Grandma Timmins.  Paperwhites.

We watched…

The Future. A must for Miranda July fans. My heart was mended by the end, but it left me a little raw, in the way that sudden openness can do.

The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore.

How was your weekend?


11 thoughts on ““It’s a Drag, but It’s Also… Amazing”

  1. To sound a bit superficial. I love your ability to layer clothes, your style is just incredible, and although mine is a bit different, a little more 50’s, I always enjoy seeing someone who dresses exactly the way they want (and looks fantastic doing it). And I love your Madonna lace gloves.

    1. thanks meghann! that feels so good to hear, since a walk down the street in SF usually reveals 200 other people all styled more radically. I would love to see some pics of your 50s style!

  2. ooooh, just watched the trailer for The Future, it looks like a film I’d like to see. The babes and the Paperwhites are beautiful….and damn, don’t I feel like those waffles and strawberries now. I had a GREAT weekend, I spent much of it at my mums…and the beach on Sunday morning. Don’t you love weekends. I know I do.

    1. from the teeny (ha) tiny bit of you that i know, i think you would love “the future.”. your weekend sounds so perfect…and i DO love weekends. they are holy and delicious!

  3. sheesh leo. tell me, what have you had better than that?

    mary, you short on humor, is still probably a fun experience. that’s how highly i think of you! i hope to get scowled at someday by you and fern both. no humor anywhere in sight. and i will love it! gotta take breaks from the lightness sometimes so we can come back to it and have it feel like an orgasm, which i know we all prefer to it getting mundane feeling. so much light, too much light, bored of the light. hmmmmm. not making sense i fear, but that’s me today. love. love. love.

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