Time Out

Contemplating doing big things over here. Just a brief hello and a hold that thought. Taking a break, perhaps will be back on Wednesday, even just for another little hello.

A few peeks (peaks?) from our weekend.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Would love to hear how you spend yours.


6 thoughts on “Time Out

  1. You have the uncanny ability to make me wish I had a two year old again.

    I am receiving a watering can for Valentines Day and Dan has asked for creme-filled pastries, which I think is a double entendre.

  2. M’gosh such happy little eyes in those littles! It’s Valentines day today here! My man just left to travel for work today…he was sweet and bought home some blooms yesterday for me, and gave me a saucy card this morning. I got the days mixed up and thought Valentines Day was tomorrow so was VERY busy sewing red felt hearts onto his work socks this morning! haha….it may’ve been last minute but it works.
    Have a sweet love and light filled Valentines Day.

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