Unlike the Mind, the Gut Doesn’t Lie


Where we tried to go:

To our friend America’s house in Petaluma, to see the neighbor’s lambie wambies.

What ended up happening:

Westbound 80 of the Bay Bridge was closed, and traffic was gnarly all around the city. After it took us an hour to reach the toll plaza after getting on the Golden Gate, we realized that it would be doubly worse on the way home. There just wasn’t enough time for a good trip, so we aborted and instead…

We went here:

The Marine Mammal Center in the Marin Headlands.

The MMC rescues marine mammals and, through top notch veterinary surgery and care, release many of them back into the wild.

Fern was entranced with “The Big Guy”. A full size replica of an Elephant Seal. At first she was frightened, but then I shook his flipper saying, “Oh how do you do how do you do I’ve always wanted to meet an elephant seal my gosh it’s a real pleasure nice to meet you nice to meet you”. After I sustained no bodily injury, he became her new BFF.

The center only had four patients (fortunately) who were mostly out of sight. Marine Mammals, especially harbor seals, are incredibly stressed out by human contact. Then others have had too much, and get into trouble when they begin to associate humans with food handouts. One of the patients was named “Half-Time” since she showed up outside a bar during the superbowl, peering in the window. She was severely malnourished.

Many of the sea lions are there because of gunshot wounds. I know. WTF? They are shot by fishermen who think they are competition for fish. Dear A-holes, the oceans are depleted because of over-fishing and pollution, not because of marine mammals. Also, these animals are under the Marine Mammal Protection Act. Also, I think you are a bunch of jerkwads. Jeff and I were strategizing how to outfit sea lions with guns on their heads, perhaps with a trigger activated by a mouth piece. I’m all for developing compassion, but violence towards animals turns me into a complete misanthrope.

Moving on…

Sunday morning, before our adventures in gridlock, Fern and I prepared our community garden bed for spring planting.

We chopped down all the fava beans we planted last fall as a cover crop. Favas fix nitrogen in the soil, an essential nutrient for plants. The roots of the favas trap the nitrogen that otherwise gets leached out from rainfall and keep it towards the upper layer of soil, making it accessible for other plants. Crops like corn and tomatoes are “heavy feeders”, meaning they need a lot of nitrogen, but even with their deep roots, they often can’t reach the nitrogen which is far below the surface. Once favas start to flower and produce beans, they begin to uptake the nitrogen, so it’s important to till them under before this happens.

Ours had just started to flower.

We cut down the green, which we added to the compost heap, and tilled under the root balls with their scrumptious nitrogen nodules.

I didn’t take this photo, but those little white balls are full of nitro.

In other news, the nettle and miner’s lettuce seeds I saved from my wildcrafting last year have sprouted! I have fantasies of my own dangerous nettle patch. I also have high hopes for the miner’s lettuce. The community garden has been letting our little patch go wild, and it’s lush in multiple places.

Finally, we came to a decision around last week’s opportunity. We said no. And as soon as we did, my heart and stomach untangled itself, the angels breathed a sigh of relief and synchronicity playfully validated us all weekend. BIG thanks to my co-conspirators and advisors (Shaners, America, Teeny, Mama Jax, Kerri and Jan! I love you!) who clearly heard my heart when I couldn’t. Thank you…I feel like I dodged a bullet.

How was your weekend?


6 thoughts on “Unlike the Mind, the Gut Doesn’t Lie

  1. Haha! I just let out a big breath in relief for you…I’m with Jackie, I feel better also! The contrast of the lambie and the crazy traffic, whoah! I’ve never been in traffic like that before. Talk about country mouse coming to the city! Elephant Seals are so majestic, and I always get a sense of foreboding loss when thinking about them. Fingers crossed it doesn’t happen eh. On to happier things because i’m trying to focus on the good this week…..i can’t WAIT to see more of your garden patch. Your knowledge completely puts mine to shame. But at least, I might learn something here! We just harvested our first huge cucumber, that was our exciting 7am moment today! xx

  2. Just yesterday we were across the street at my sister-in-law’s house admiring her lush stand of miner’s lettuce and saying that we needed to get some going in our own yard. So today she brought over a big clump of it to try transplanting. Do you have any idea how it does with transplanting? Well, I guess we’ll find out. If that doesn’t work she’s gonna save us some seeds.

    I’m glad you made the decision that you did, just from what little you shared with us that day, it was my hunch that you should probably hold out for something more ideal. Also, you do have a really wonderful thing going there in your lovely space in the city. I’m glad that our little visit on that sunshiny day could help that stand out. Try to anticipate all the things you’ll miss about city life once you find that perfect country home, and then try to enjoy the heck out of ’em!

  3. Weird. We actually have a lamb that looks exactly like that lamb that was born late, only a few days ago. We missed you on Saturday, but we’ll have to have a do-over really soon! When I was little, it was my lifetime dream to work at the marine mammal center. I told everyone I was going to be a marine biologist until about my 12th birthday… only I was dead set on working with manatees, too. So so amazingly sweet to see all these photos of your kids doing the things the kid in me loved. If you’re not careful, you might get a grown up child like me, so watch out. You might want to throw in a few trips to Disneyland or Marine world just to balance them out a little in case their sous are longing for some normal adulthood 😉

    Love you. And I’m still creating the perfect place for you guys in my imagination… with all the intention we’re collectively blasting the universe with, it seems like light will go ahead and bend already an day now.
    xx A.

  4. mmmm, i wanted to say that i’ve been thinking about nitrogen a lot lately, and your post here brought it back into my head. one of my homeo remedies a month or so ago was nitric acid. to give me more air. more breath. i was feeling like i couldn’t get enough oxygen. it’s all so interesting sometimes. and…i wanted to share, relate, on finding the home you’re gonna root down in. it will happen. and it will be cool. and the adventure in getting there will be cool too. we have funny happy memories of finding our home. all the ones we looked at for so so long, that didn’t work out in the end, all for some reason or another, which was basically, i think now, cuz this one wasn’t ready yet. but when it was, we found it, or it found us, right at the right time. i really hope that is what’s going on for you. yep. love. ok. bye….

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