From Marshland to Mountaintop

This weekend we went from being eye to eye with the sea, to looking down on eagles.

Late Saturday afternoon, Fern and I took a walk at low tide at Heron’s Head.

Like much of California, we are waiting on rain. The too few showers we had recently were enough to spark some wildflowers. Purple Eyed Grass.

Always with the Sour Grass (Oxalis).

At the marsh’s edge, the “beach” was made up of nothing but shells and mud. Shells on top, and shells for many feet below.Β 

When we saw Leonithas on Friday, we had told him to prepare for Sunday by getting out his parachute and his hang-glider and his oxygen tank, because we were going to climb the highest hill in San Francisco.

Mt. Davidson

Featuring wildflowers, 360 views, Golden Eagles and Sherwood Forest, we figgered it should add up to a good time.

Our walk began with a Sour Grass dance, right outside the car.

How do you get a two year old to understand that not only should some wildflowers be left untouched, but that it is illegal to pick them? Don’t tell the Sheriff.Β 

Scarlet Pimpernell…otherwise known as Poor Man’s Weathervane. They open on sunny days, and remained closed when it is overcast.

Lots of native Yellow Yarrow.

And the disappointing Mock Strawberry.

Twin Peaks in the background.

We had a picnic. Also, someone is in “that stage” of picture taking.

Christ Wuz Here. The top of Mt. Davidson is not owned by the city of SF. Because of the necessity of the separation of church and state, years after the cross was erected by Grace Cathedral, the land was auctioned off. It is now owned by the Armenian Council of America.Β 

What else was I supposed to wear to Sherwood Forest?

Those Sour Grass bunches made it through the whole walk, and were replenished when we got back to the sidewalks.

We found a secret too.

I overheard Jeff telling Leo that as an adult, he was too old to see fairies. I told Leo he’d have to excuse his Dad for being ignorant on the way of fairies. And then gave Jeff the stink eye. Let’s get our facts straight here, buddy!

How was your weekend?

P.S. I found my hips! In an entirely different room than I had left them! Jeff thinks there is a plausible explanation (meaning ME and that I am forgetful) but we all know the real story. Fairies! See the comment section on my last post for a recipe for Rose Hip Syrup, sparked by Milla.


8 thoughts on “From Marshland to Mountaintop

  1. hey! my partner is armenian. i’ll have to tell him about that, he’ll be all proud and shit. you are a doll. i wish my head wasn’t so big so i could wear hats. i have yet to find a hat that fits my head that isn’t stretchy. such is the life of a giant brained genius.

  2. The “stage” of photo posing you are speaking of… still currently active in our house. I like that you guys make time for walks and hikes and beach visits. I have trouble understanding people that don’t. I personally can’t live without them. And I like your Sherwood Forest ensemble. There is a parcel leaving these waters today…I hope you don’t have to wait too much longer for it to arrive. x

  3. Awesome pictures of family fun. Fern is looking as stylish as her Mom. Love to see all these places and hope to go to some on our next SF visit. Thanks for the postcard. Love to all.

  4. What a lovely outing. Those views! Not to mention you in your Sherwood Forest adorableness. Also, we have matching moccs πŸ™‚

    Seriously, what is it with kids and sour grass? Our yard is full of it right now and it always seems to work its way into their games. Today Clover and her little friend Claire dressed up as “flower girls” and went out and filled baskets with oxalis then proceeded to scatter the flowers as they walked along the pathways. It was pretty darn cute.

    p.s. Glad to hear you found your hips! Pesky house fairies πŸ˜‰

  5. looking good ladybug. well. i tell the kids all the time, when they ask me if fairies or mermaids or dragons or aliens or ghosts or whatever exists, that i’m not exactly sure, but that I really really feel like they do. david gives me the stink eye a little bit when he hears me. i give it back. i’m like, come on, prove that they don’t! you can’t.

  6. ooh! thanks for the recipe! what lovely scenes. your eye for capturing the natural, tiny or expansive is quite keen. I so enjoy your photos. And with the oxalis dancing. Each plant should have its own dance, don’t you think? that stuff is beautiful and delicious, even if it’s a non-native. You look lovely of course and hey, I’m about to post a explanation to your disappearing, re-appearing rosehips problem.

  7. LOVING your dashing hiking ensemble πŸ™‚

    and the variety of places you take the kids is amazing. i could just feel that mud oozing up between little toesies. i so truly admire your knowledge of plantlore too. i am enamored with field guides, wild edible guides, etc but get hung up on the actual identification. have you just learned over the years the names and identifying attributes of all these various plants? or do you carry along some kind of guide? for example, scarlet pimpernell…i’ve always heard that name but could never tell you which lovely little bit of flora it is…and lo and behold, she is a true beauty alright! lucky you got to see her open.

    your daughter will have such a rich wealth of knowledge, what a beautiful sharing process.

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