You Are My Sunshine

A weekend of friends, sunshine and fever.



Breakfast in the East Bay at Tomate, with Fern and one of my besties.

An after brekkie stroll in the Berkeley Marina.

We met Missa and Clover at the mother of all thrift sales.

I scored some wonderful vintage kids books, but am still slapping my forehead for not getting this one. From 1888, with full color plates. I opted to save pennies in case of something else, and now I regret it. Still, I am tickled with finding Johnny Crow’s Garden and the lion with the green and yellow tie on.

The kids help up very well considering how overstimulating and tiresome it was for them. Wish I could say the same for us mamas. We were both so blown out that we didn’t even manage to get a photo of the two of us. Hey Missa, whaddya say I schlepp it out to you next time? And will you wear those ridiculously cute pants you scored?

The weekend was warm and sunny (but oh how badly we need more rain) and Fern seemed to retain some of that heat in her body. Her forehead was burning up at the White Elephant sale, and remained so the rest of the evening, with a temp of 101. Her mood was irritable, but not extremely so. She was feverish all through the night, but by morning she had cooled down. Still we took it easy on Sunday:

According to the farmer’s almanac, this weekend was the best time to plant. We spent the morning in the garden, planting sunflowers and arugula. And picking Sar Gass.

Still out of sorts, my little oxalis flower went down for a nap, and I had a rare hour on the front stoop.

Loving Jane Eyre. As my neighbor said when she noticed what I was reading, “You’d never guess it was so creepy.” Indeed, it’s like Twilight of the 1800s.

Our evening ended with a house dinner…tomato and fennel soup with italian “sausage”, potatoes with walnuts, salad from our housemate’s school garden. Before bed we watched this.

Also, we spent the weekend laughing about this:


How was your weekend?






9 thoughts on “You Are My Sunshine

  1. OMG your dinner sounds great! And – i suggest you teach them to dig up ‘sar grass’ bulbs and dispose of them when snacking on it; this way you’ll get them to unwittingly control your future spread of same.

    It was my b’day weekend and Sat we celebrated another friend’s b’day in Oakland with wine and small plates, then yesterday, Kabuki and dinner at SPQR with the best partner in the world. Not too shabby though i started my ‘new year’ with some new sciatic pain….so i guess when there is an otherwise perfect day, there has to be something off, you know, the ‘wabi-sabi’ principle.

    Great post as always. Love Joanna Newsom (well, at least her early work).

  2. johnny crow’s garden is my favorite kids book of all time. when my childhood copy fell apart, i framed all the pictures and they are hanging in my kitchen.

  3. Hey! Just read your replies to my earlier comments, I love that wordpress allows for that….i try to reply sometimes on blogger by commenting myself, but, it really is quite crappy in comparison. And in response to your questions, no to watercress salad and no to blackberries 😦 Things didn’t get done. boo. While you are asking for more rain, we were completely inundated with it. 30cm of it overnight on Saturday…… I enjoyed it though. Time around the house, doing not much but messing about…literally. My house was a mess. Fevers can be scary huh, my son became delirious last year after reaching 103.5 deg F….Anyway, I’ve heard great things about Midnight in Paris, i should go get me some of that.

  4. awww, what a perfect weekend, besides the fever. you and missa and clover and fern, what a group! those two little elfkins are just precious together.

  5. what lovely weekend!

    jane eyre is one of my all time favorite books! the ending was sooo great. ruben and i just watched the film adaptation with william hurt and charlotte gainsbourg last week. it was pretty good but my favorite is the bbc version from 2006 i think. it’s long and detailed and awesome! the one that came out last year was much better than anticipated also. anyway, if you haven’t watched any of the films, make sure you do when you finish the book.

  6. The sun-filled sar gass photo of Fern and Leo is so gorgeous. I love her apple cheeks! There’s been a fever thing going around. Clover has had a couple recently as well. Over the years I’ve taken note that following a fever, is often when we notice a discernible leap in mental/behavioral growth with Clover. She almost seems like an older kid after coming out of one. It’s weird and I’ve never heard anyone else mention this connection, but I wonder about it.

    That old book was pretty amazing. Clover was demanding attention when we were browsing the book section, so I didn’t really get to dig in as much as I would have liked there. Glad you found some gems for your sweet little book shelf though 🙂

    After our chat, I’m thinking perhaps I should give Jane Eyre and that genre a shot, of the books you’ve read, which would you recommend for starters?

    Thanks, for posting the Joanna Newsom skit too, hilarious!

  7. i like how fern holds her crayon. and it is so sweet to see her wearing those little black shoes. tugs at my heart a bit. olive felt they were her fancy shoes, yet she’d play really hard in them. LOVE. that portlandia clip was so silly. we tried watching it cuz you told me to, and the first episode didn’t pull us in right away, although we have laughed a few times at that scene where they ask to go to the farm to see where the chicken (?) was grown. david has brought that up actually so many times when we are out, acting like he’s gonna ask the waiter where the honey for my tea came from, or whatever, and so, yeah. my sister seems to like it too. i bet we’ll give it another try. we can’t stop watching old office episodes though. oh. we watched this movie called happy go lucky. british i think? i LOVED it. the main character made me so happy. and she grew on me. maybe my new favorite actress…….

    blah blah. sorry bout my craziness lately. i felt the urge to write and went for it.

  8. Okay, you have to read The Thirteenth Tale next. If you haven’t already. I absolutely loved it, and I wished I had re-read Jane Eyre right before I read it.
    We loved Joanna’s Portlandia appearance too. I especially cracked up at the part where Carrie is kicking the harp behind her. Did you hear when she and Fred were in Fresh Air last month? It was really interesting hearing about their creative process.
    I love it when my daughter, Mycelia, has a fever. She is just so sweet and soft and sleepy. And it’s so easy to treat at home with rest and tea and soup.
    That sale sounds insane. I may try to make it down next year 🙂

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