Wild in Your Windowsill: Foraging Fridays

Hello sweet friends.

This week’s post is a little bit of a tease. It’s been busy times around here, primarily because I have been loathe to sit in front of the computer. Warm weather and blue skies, plus full moon in Virgo, have been beckoning me out to the garden. Uncle Shane came over on Wednesday and we planted potatoes in bags (6 down, many more to go). In the community garden next door I have added a new Alpine Strawberry plant (Fern picked that one out, of course!), violets, St. John’s Wort, Seep Monkey Flower, and heirloom sunflowers. In pots I am starting Self-Heal, Lettuces, Nettles, Miner’s Lettuce and Anise Hyssop, all with seeds saved from last year’s plants. Finally, I am again attempting Evening Primrose from seed, and trying to convince the fairies to lend a hand.

I have a salve I want to make this weekend from wild spring greens, primarily Chickweed and Plantain, so next week’s post will have more depth. Until then, I want to encourage you to Plant Your Garden. Of course, it depends on what zone you are in, but if you are on the west coast, The Time is Now. And what better way to shake it up this year than to add some wildness to your cultivation?

This is a craptastic photo of my Nettle sprouts! They are a mixture of ones I collected last year, and also from the Redwood Seed Company. Based out of Manton in the Mt. Lassen foothills, the Redwood’s can be found at the Redding farmer’s markets, and they are about as Mom and Pop as they come. A good business to support, that link up there will take you to their medicinal herb page, but they also sell every kind of veggie under the sun. All their seeds are painstakingly hand collected.

My Miner’s Lettuce likes to look at the view. I saved the seeds from last year’s volunteers, and they do quite well as starts. I don’t have any more seeds, but you can either purchase them here or contact me if you would like some of this year’s harvest….but if you opt for the latter, you’ll have to wait until next year to plant!

Horizon Herbs has a wonderful line of special seeds called Strictly Medicinal and this link will take you to their entire 2012 catalogue.

Sorry so brief, but there’s some living to do around here and that will eventually mean more tales to tell.

Have a wonderful weekend!


2 thoughts on “Wild in Your Windowsill: Foraging Fridays

  1. Oh, look at those wee sprouts. Love it. I’ve been wanting to plant my seeds for the last few WEEKS, but didn’t have the planters I needed, and then the last few days I’ve been too busy/tired. And now I’m late, so… oh, but did I tell you I got some nettles from down in town? They’re growing everywhere on the sides of the streets and in the little vacant fields that are all over the place. So on a whim I grabbed one (with a rag), pulled it up, and took it home. That was two weeks ago and it’s already growing new leaves! Got to love their hardy attitudes. 😉


  2. Hi Mary Mary, as you’re thinking about planting, we are thinking about digging up. I need to educate myself on what we want and can grow for the colder months….good news is, we finally did the big blackberry haul. Felt like we were real foragers with our bowls down by the river…many cuts and tumbles later (about an hour and a half) we had two full bowls. And now about 5 jars of blackberry jelly. enjoy your new Spring days, hopefully many more warm days now.

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