The past week has found me without the oomph for output. No pictures were taken this weekend, no enthusiastic documentation was done. I’ve been sitting at the computer for the last hour, searching for links for a big upcoming post. When I push myself to begin writing, I feel anxious and stressed. Then, somehow, I manage to take a step back in realization that…

It’s okay to take a break.

Sometimes my inner critic takes up the blogging whip and begins to flog…If you don’t post consistently and frequently, you’ll lose your readership. If you don’t catch every post that a blog friend writes, you will be out of the loop and further more, you will hurt their feelings. You are easily forgotten in this world of on-demand media entertainment, so keep up your presence. Blah de blah de blahdeblah.

But wait. This isn’t why I started blogging. I started blogging to share my deeper, secret thoughts. Thoughts that contain elements of a poetic, loving, insightful and passionate soul. That soul needs food. Not a slave driver.

Furthermore, this little soul of mine is shy. She’s introverted, quiet, and hesitant to speak. She’s been bullied all her life. At the very least, she doesn’t have to be bullied by ME.

So will you bear with me? In all honesty, it probably won’t have to be for very long…there’s too much goodness in this life to keep to myself. But I want to honor my natural rhythms, my own inner flow. Right now, keeping to an arbitrary schedule that I set to somehow put the bridle on my creativity is making for a very uncooperative horse. So while I set her out to pasture to nibble at the wildflowers, I will leave you with three things.

1. Beautiful Missa (and a sister in shyness) shared this with me recently. A much needed reminder on the hidden power of introversion in an extroverted world:

2. I heard this yesterday and not only was delighted to find a new artist (you may have heard it from Feist, but this is really his song), but in the moment I thought of my own secret heart and how much I want to take care of her.

3. Fern and Leo would like to remind you to enjoy Sour Grass. Indeed, the whole family is addicted. Pluck a flower and put the stem end in your mouth. Trailside lemonade.


10 thoughts on “Germinating

  1. Susan Cain’s TED video above — SO excellent — beautiful share, thanks Mary & Missa — (now I have to get the book on introversion she took 7 years to write, lol!). The hidden power of introversion in the largely extroverted world –what a joyful/life-affirming way to accept this about ourselves this is.

    Go off into your wilderness & refresh as you need, Mary. You have a great group of readers here who get you, it’s obvious.

    I loved the connection between the above talk (in which one component was how reading books is so vital to the introverted being) and your prior cartoon-like video on the fellow who adored them as well. Can’t recall his name at this second. Meant to comment on that post and never did. When I played the video I also smiled at the connection to the “You are My Sunshine” song in it that holds strong in my own daughter and mine’s touchstone language. A lovely synchronicity was enjoyed.

    Off topic but just a “what I’m up to”…One of my current projects is trying to identify the spring “weeds” in my yard by taking pics and googling their possibilities. I have a sour weed that is either wild sorrel or garden sorrel (was excited to discover wild sorrel is a key component to essiac powder). I believe I may have some plaintain and possibly some nettle too. So much to learn about herbs and “weeds”!

    Keep Your Bliss!

  2. Wow. The TED clip really resonates with me. As you know I’m both shy and introverted, and worked hard to try and ovecome my shyness in order to …well in my own words “survive”. My little girl is introverted and shy too….I don’t mind acknowledging that, whereas i have friends that tell me not to use the word “shy” around her for fear it will make her moreso. Maybe i should tell them to shutup…and just love and encourage her the way she is. It’s only recently I’ve realised that being shy and introverted aren’t terrible things, it has given me permission to have alone time and tell my friends that sorry! I need some time to myself!. And I am loving it. Don’t feel bad about needing a blog break Mary, your friends will still be here. xx

  3. it would take something like a blackout for me to leave your side. we are bound by electricity. as long as it’s flowing, i feel we will too. through thick and thin. and….i can’t wait to watch the ted video!

  4. thanks so much for sharing that TED video. i proudly own my introvertedness…but still sometimes have trouble balancing expectations (others’ or my own). even years into the blogging thing, i have reservations about putting myself out there, but i guess blogging is a little like us “opening our suitcases” for others to see. and that doesn’t have to happen daily or weekly or at any set schedule. i find myself falling away from blogland now and again, and i expect that others do the same. and while i don’t know when you will post again or when i will check your blog next, i know without any hesitation that my next “visit” with you will, as always, leave me inspired. xo

  5. Blogging is a funny thing, on the one hand, we do it for self-expression, for our entertainment, for a brake from reality, to remember and delight, but on the other and whether we admit it or not, also to that ephemeral audience, readership, the internet…

    If there wasn’t someone out there we wouldn’t write these little articles, we wouldn’t be inspired, BUT I also feel like the inspiration comes from everyday life and blogging can’t inhibit that. Once it starts feeling like a chore, it’s time to take a step back, go outside, do something and not take pictures of it, no matter how cute or scenic it might be;)

    We will be here when you return, not exactly waiting, but looking forward to your new found joy, the adventures you may have while your out and about.

    Lots of love.

  6. Aw, sister in shyness, I like that 🙂 So glad you shared the TED video!

    I think all of us bloggers go through these exact same feelings from time to time. Others have also been expressing similar feelings lately, for some reason it seems to be hitting people harder that usual. I wonder what that’s about?

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