An Invitation

Dear New Home,

We are still looking for you. Maybe you don’t realize how much it is we want to find you. Please don’t be discouraged by the way we remain invested and rooted where we are. It is important for us to continue to thrive while we search for the cradle of our dreams.

Please don’t be confused by my love affairs either. It is true…who wants to be involved with someone who’s heart is already taken? But I truly can’t help it…I have stomping grounds and I know a place in the world that knows me just as well. My veins match the pattern of oak trees against twilight and the meadowlarks in Shasta County sang me into being…it’s just the way it is.

But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room in me to love MORE. Maybe you, new, dear, found home will be like a second child…cherished and adored just as much as the first, yet differently.

We need you. All the creatures that want to live in and around you need you too. Another Spring is going by, and in my mind’s eye I see a whole brood of chicks who will not know your grasses and there are bees that hum in the imaginal realm, just waiting for their chance to taste your flowers.

We need you because our beautiful life in the city sometimes feels like purgatory. Beautiful, but illusory, with a strange deja vu sense of doing the same fruitless things over and over. We try to keep up the fertility, but this little puddle is getting kinda anaerobic.

I feel you out there and sometimes I think you are sad too. Are you waiting for us? We can’t wait to arrive, bringing nothing less than the expectation of magic. We will heal you, we will tend you and we hope you will do the same for us.

There are a lot of charlatans, homes that try to lure us in, but leave our hearts empty. We will know you when we find you, we will know each other. We will KNOW. We don’t expect perfection, but we do expect resonance and really can’t settle for anything less.

I will admit, the level of our hope-o-meter is going down. When this happens, we begin to entertain other, more dire and drastic ideas that seem to leave everyone pretty miserable. So we continue to wait, and I will tie this message onto the leg of one of the distracted and girl chasing finches. Looking for love, that’s what spring is all about. And dear home of our dreams…we are looking for YOU.


Mary, Jeff and Fern


4 thoughts on “An Invitation

  1. good lord this series of fern is breathtaking! she is turning into such a young lady, and i swoon for those round eyes, such a true blue soul. your plea to your future house is moving; i like the idea of the home waiting for you and longing too. and the chicks and the bees and the flowers and herbs and trees all just waiting for some little todlets to come climb and sway and sing and romp and a mama who carefully digs in and makes it all HOME. i will send you soooo much good energy during this gorgeous april day and throughout the spring, time of new beginnings.

  2. Awww, how can your new home resist such wonderful heartfelt love and wooings?!….methinks it’s just playing a little hard to get…but eventually MUST crumble at your feet. No wait, crumbling is indeed not something you’d wish for this future house to manifest…uhm, let’s see — oh…”succumb”, yeah — now that’s the ticket!

  3. I know Santa Rosa is probably too far north for you guys, but have you seen this: This place sounds amazing! If nothing else, it’s at least a reminder that such sweet lil’ homes do turn up and I’m sure that yours will hear your call sooner or later, fingers crossed that it’s sooner though 😉

    I’ve gotten so behind on commenting lately, ugh, hoping to get caught up soon. This series of Fern pics is ADORABLE!!! And the one you chose to follow your second child analogy cracked me up. She’s like “yeah, I’m not so sure about that…”

  4. hey darlin! That wee flower of yours is growing up to be so gorgeous! It happens way too quickly. I’ll be sad when my girl has lost her round soft cheeks that i just looooooooooooooooooooove to smooch.
    The house that wants you would have to be a fool not to call you quick with this sweet letter you’ve written, a fool i tell ya! (not to make light of the situation).
    Happy Spring and re-invigoration, new llife and beginnings, I thought your Egg Tree was so pretty and delicate, that takes some serious patience and talent young lady.
    xxx ooo

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