Mad as a March Hare

Ok, so it’s April. My high sugar intake rotted my brain yesterday and this post took approximately two thousand years to upload, so take it with a grain of salt and let’s go!


I remember very little from this day. It was preceded by a restless night with a 45 minute tantrum (thanks, full moon). The morning was beautiful, with waffles and smoothies and Leo awakening from his first overnight with us.

Fern and I were pretty tired in the afternoon.

A long visit to the park, where I spent most of my time scheming on how to make vegan Caesar Salad dressing. Then groceries and dinner.

Chile-cornmeal crusted fried tofu, baked yam fries, vegan caesar salad. WINE.

That night we prepared for a special visitor.

Whatever confusions I had about creating traditions for the Winter Solstice/Christmas did not apply for Easter. As a kid, I remember wondering, “Which do I like better? Christmas? or Easter?” and thinking that maybe, just maybe, Easter won out by a hair (hare). As with all our culturally important holidays, Easter has obvious roots in earlier, nature based rites. The themes of resurrection, redemption, fertility and the promise of Spring are easy and abundant…and it doesn’t take much to explain to Fern why we’re going on an egg hunt or why there is a slightly scarey pink plastic rabbit in our sunroom (although I will explain that bit to YOU).

We created a trail of hippy m & m’s through the kitchen, and I think this alone would have been enough for her. Candy. ON THE FLOOR. And I can put it in my mouth? Wait for it around 2:04…it was the theme of the day.

Also, my special appearance begs a joke of some kind…talk about resurrection from the dead! I save my most glamorous moments for you, people.

Blueberries for Sal became an immediate favorite.

Thanks for the owlets, Grandma and Papa T!

About the Bunny: She was part of my childhood Easter traditions since before I can remember. (Mom? Who made her? Was it Great Aunt Marion? Or the ladies at LA General?). Her base is a giant plastic water jug, with the handle jutting out of her back. The front part is hollowed out for that little nest you see in front. Her “fur” is some kind of thin plastic…reminds me of the plastic bags that (used to?) come on dry cleaning. Her face I assume is a doll’s head, for crafting. Her hat is a little paper plate with ribbon and flowers…the same are in her bouquet. I introduced Fern to her a few days before, and she was simultaneously delighted and slightly horrified. When I hopped her in close for a kiss, Fern said, “Take bunny away. Take bunny away!”. After Sunday, however, I have no doubts that their friendship was cemented.

Fern consumed more sugar this morning than in the total of her 2.5 years.

These pictures of Fern eating chocolate are like my mom’s pictures of Loons. I have about 100, each just a slight variation of the same. (I’m hoping that’s a funny inside joke, Mom.)

This is what the aftermath of a Fairy Frat party looks like.

And this is what a sweet sugar crash looks like.

She held on to her ollolopop for hours. We had to wash the fuzz off it twice and the stick became dirty and began to deteriorate.

This was the first holiday that I didn’t clamp down on the sugar. Partly because I am so damn sick of saying “NO” all the time…setting boundaries, both for her and myself. Not right now, in a minute, yes I hear that you want that, first we will do this…and then for myself…curb that anger, slow down, eat my veggies, don’t buy plastic, cultivate compassion, say yes to more and more and more contact and bye bye to personal space and try to embrace all experience. We needed a holiday. So I said fuck it, Let Them Eat Sugar! Not only did we get fruit sweetened lollipops and natural dark chocolate from Rainbow, but I also gleefully bought Cadbury eggs. Why not? At least I set the bar above Peeps.

And you know what? It truly sweetened her disposition. She was SO HAPPY that we were letting her nibble without control. There were no meltdowns, she didn’t break out in hives and she did not wake up this morning with a cold. It was FINE.

However, mama did not fare as well, as it kicked up my allergies and this morning I have a sore throat. Stupid jellybeans.

Next, there was some huntin’ to do.

Along with reusing our “heirloom” plastic eggs, I made papier mache eggs that I filled with MORE CANDY.

We spent a relaxed hour at the back of the garden, going over (and divvying up fairly) the booty. Our garden friend Gabriel showed up too, so Jeff and I got to have adult conversation for a minute.

This is the look Jeff gave me when I said sugar seemed to help her temperment. “Maybe we should start giving her coffee too.”.


Gabriel sang a good dancing egg song.

This is a picture heavy post, so I apologize to those with slow internet speeds. But we’re not done yet!

Lunch at St. Francis Fountain.

What was missing for me yesterday was church. We were regular attenders as a kid, and not only did Easter Sunday always include the new frock, but I was also an acolyte, and would help carry the palm fronds up the aisle. As a single adult, I had my own private process of honoration, but creating and observing our own sacred traditions as a family will have to come in time. In the meantime, paying reverence to the wildflowers seemed fitting. I can’t believe they didn’t zonk out in the car, but we managed to make it to Bernal Hill.

Follow the path of green to Mt. Tam.

This dress makes me want to walk…like a camel. Probably only one of you got that joke. Hi Kerri. I have to admit, I did feel like I was missing my bright red bee-hive.

Then Jeff started singing, “Tom Bombadil” like that Portlandia episode with Joanna Newsome, and I turned into an idiot.

Leo saw buttercups for the first time, and found out one of the reasons they are so special. (Place a flower under your chin to see if you like butter. If the shiny petals reflect a golden hue on your skin, you sure do.)

Springtime blessings of abundance and fertility to you all!


16 thoughts on “Mad as a March Hare

  1. blueberries for sal is my fave. have you read One Morning in Maine? it’s great for when they get a smidge older. and yeah, i say fuck it on holidays. eat it all and get it the hell out of my house. my 5 year old was the one throwing 45 minute tantrums this weekend, leh sigh. feel your pain. it’s especiallya wesome when your 5 year old is throwing a tantrum and then the 2 year old comes and kicks you in the shin and says “no mama! no!” when you are reprimanding the 5 year old. at least he’s loyal.

  2. Fern looks so happy! I vote to feed her chocolate from now on… With a side of coffee. It’s funny I was just wondering where I saw that cute dress before. Sans beehive I was confused! I love you guys!

  3. i just realized how ridiculous the buttercup thing is. definitely one of those widespread ‘things’ kids do, but looking back it doesn’t make any damn sense. i already KNOW i like butter!

  4. I love that dress. So incredible (especially with the necklace). My egg count was small this year, but I made up for it by baking a Chocolate Peanut Mousse Meringue Cake (not for the faint hearted…or those allergic to peanuts) which saw us through the whole weekend!

  5. What an awesome post! Loved every picture and the video. Glad we could share a few moments of the day together on FaceTime. Hope someday we can all hunt together. Happy Spring!

  6. Mary, you put so much effort and love into your parenting, and life in general. I’ve wanted to comment on your recent posts, but of late, my 2 year old has been running me ragged. I tell myself that perhaps learning French and painting in my studio and cultivating personal time is an unrealistic expectation when parenting a small child, keeping a home, garden, job etc etc. Don’t know, but maybe that just makes me feel better when I don’t meet my own expectations. What I want to say most is, that dress kicks ass!

  7. I tried so hard to comment earlier today, and then i did something stupid and my comment went away…and then the kids wanted breakfast….so 6 hours later, here am I! I watched the whole video and at the beginning when you kinda like suddenly appeared in the hallway (in your bunny slippers) I was like “whaaaa?….whoooo?…ohhhhhh, it’s Maaaaary”, hahaha thank you for being you and completely normal in the morning, dressing gown and all. I was EGGing Fern on the whole video to eat those chocolate eggs…heheheee, kids. Damn, those kids are such honey blossoms, sometimes your day must be all the brighter due to their adorable faces. In all of these photos I see fun radiating from all of your faces, so it must’ve been a superduper Easter weekend – it has cheered me up, I was all confused this weekend, but chocolate makes everything better and so does fresh air right! Geoff is awesome for getting photos of you dancing to Tom Bombadiiiiiiil, pretty dress and all. You guys are a bunch of good eggs. xxoo happy times to ya girl.

  8. soooo cute, i love this post in every way shape and form! i LOVE you guys for letting fern open every single chocolate egg without even eating them. your approach to easter is rad. i felt confused about it this year, with eveyrone posting “he is risen” on my facebook feed (for some reason that phrase makes me squirm)and thinking about what traditions i want to embrace for my own little bambino next year. aside from easter egg hunts which make sense to me. your full embracing of the CANDY tradition this time round makes me happy! i may or may not even stoop to peeps meself 😉 and guess what? i LOVE LOVE LOVE cadbury creme eggs. (i am disgusting.) i worried about my daughter catching my sugar tooth but i guess one or two days a year i could indulge it. love that you have a vase of daffodils sitting right there too, and your own crazy pink bunny from the past takes the cake 🙂 happiest springtime to you dears!

  9. Remember my comment back in your tantrum post about lollipops? They seriously are the magic go to. Well, and chocolate. We did Easter baskets and Erin tore open her chocolate bunny and had it eaten in 2.5 seconds. I just let her go for it, knowing that I wouldn’t have to fight with her about not eating anymore candy later – because it is all gone!! hahaaaaa

    That pink bunny IS a little creepy but it’s great that you still have it.

    Love you all!

  10. this is great. i’m with you……christmas and easter were equally magical to me and i try to keep that spirit alive. your creepy bunny brings me back somehow…..there was something floating around that looked like that but i can’t remember what! i loved putting away the holiday items this year and seeing that the decorations have grown. i’m also happy to see that you indulged with the candy……we did the same here, with equally good results (we were all about fruit juice gummy worms here….and those same lovely lollipops…oh and dark chocolate☺)
    i loved seeing the video and hearing your voices! the pics are all lovely too…….it must have been nice to have leo join the holiday festivities also. the very last pic is beautiful ♥

  11. What a special day you guys created for Fern! She is one lucky kid. That video is tooooo cuuuuuute… “CANDY CANDY!”… so GOOD and aren’t we all happier when eating unlimited amounts of chocolate, I know I am!

    I agree with everyone else about that amazing red dress too, you look GORGEOUS!

    Ok, now I am totally craving a Cadbury egg, thanks.

  12. southern culture on the skids! i got it, i got it!!!! without the link 😀 they are so fun to see live, throwing fried chicken all around and whatnot! love the dress and the wedges and the slightly scary pink bunny.

    those last shots from the grassy hillside are pretty darn awesome!

    1. yay anne! i forgot about the fried chicken. my “wink wink” was also a reference to the fact that i did a burlesque number to that song, in that dress. except instead of fried chicken, i threw little debbie pies at the audience. 😉

      i’m so glad you know them…i laugh just thinking about them.

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