Gotta Lotta Livin’ To Do


The Sunol Wilderness Wildflower Festival

This was one of the best festivals for kids I’ve ever been to, at least from an outdoor education perspective. Each of those white tents was an activity…build a bee box, make a pressed flower bookmark, carve an elderberry flute, paint a leaf print shirt…and make a “mud cup”. Learn about soil levels by filling a cup with chocolate pudding, crushed oreo cookies, adding gummy worms. Somebody was stoked.

Off to the meadows…

Mudface and Fiddlenecks.

Elfea, Blue Dick, Storkbill.

I’ve always known her as “That little yellow violet” but a proper introduction names her, “California Golden Violet”. Her good friends call her “Johnny Jump-Up.”

Lupin. I love the little bonnets. See Heather? Bonnets are cool.

Fern is at this amazing stage where she is absorbing every little piece of information she gets. She knows all the flowers and edible plants, and if she doesn’t know…she asks.

However, she is also still in this stage.

The “I know you don’t like it when I put water from dubious sources in my mouth (bathtub, puddles, stale nightstand cups) so I’m going to do it ON PURPOSE.”

I guess I can be glad her exploration is full sensory.

I was excited to identify this little purple nightshade. And it’s proper name is….Purple Nightshade. Zzzzzzzzzz.

Serious negotiations about “Want to go plop plop!”

We headed back to the city, but traffic was backed up into Oakland because of a baseball game. Go Giants!

So we pulled off for vegan chinese food.

Tofu Fried Wonton, Sesame Ginger “Chicken”, Veggie Crispy Chow Mein, Vegan Thai Iced Tea, brown rice.

Fern is not going to be one of those communal, “Let’s share a few dishes” types. There was some serious territorial behavior about her crispy noodles.

Traffic was still snarly, so we went to the Berkeley Marina…that adventure will debut for Foraging Fridays this week.


Fort Mason Farmer’s Market to get goodies for Sunday Night Dinner.

Strawberries aren’t quite in season yet.

We love our new-er housemate, Kristy. She is such a delight to have in our home, she’s sweet with Fern, and she’s always down for having dinner with the ‘mates. It’s a perfect way to finish the weekend.

Again with the look. It kinda sums up our lives…slightly irritated, mostly bemused.

The Exploratorium has an outdoor exhibit at Fort Mason that was fun to stumble upon.

This was called something like, “Trying to Get Home”.

If you pushed a button inside, the floor vibrated and it played very strange sounds.

Levels of Oxidization

A kiosk had photos of all the different animals that live on the posts beneath the piers…Barnacles, Sea Squirts, Sea Spiders. Then at a push of a button, one of the posts slowly lifted out of the water so you could see for yourself.

There were also different sizes of finished concrete seats.

$3 thrift store dress, scarf from Grandma T, moth pendant, tights from Target.

I tried to do this pose in yoga the day before. And discovered that I no longer have abdominal muscles. But I have cute shoes. And a cute bag. (Hi Kim!)

That night:

Nettle Pesto with roasted cashew nuts, garlic, olive oil.

On herb ciabatta slabs, with lemon-zest roasted heirloom taters and sauteed flowering kale tops. It was divine.

And I hope your weekend was divine too. Did you get your taxes done? I did…but I did them wrong, so I know what I’m doing today. Also, I feel super neglectful of your blogs and comments…having trouble finding time to respond…but I am so thankful for how you offer yourself, both here and in your own corner of the internets.

A reason I am tight on time…prepping for this on Saturday. If you are in the Bay Area, consider attending…Angeles Arrien, people!

Much love.


7 thoughts on “Gotta Lotta Livin’ To Do

  1. Fern all blissed out with the soil-pudding cups cracked me up. Foodie pics looked very yum. Enjoy & good organizing luck with your upcoming workshop/talks on Sat.— Busy busy Spring hath sprung!

  2. dude, my kids drink nasty water too. i’ve given up on stopping them, the little demon seed. i love fern’s red shoes and boots. red shoes are always better. and you look great, too! love the belt. i started working out pretty hard core about 6 months ago and it was very upsetting to find how sad my abs were. i used to be crazy strong in that region. but it comes back, oh yes, with a lot of pain and grunting. right now i am doing a Jillian Micheals video every day and that woman is a beast, but my abs are waking up, as are my arm muscles. can’t wait for our farmer’s market to start…i think it does in the next week or so.

  3. mmmm, abs. i would do a video like that brigit talks about, if i had someone to motivate me. motivating myself to crunch the belly is just not happening lately. i just walk around holding it in a lot and tell myself that’s kind-of like exercise. pilates core stance. ha!

    yesterday after i read this post, i went to feed leonard right after. i sat on the floor and looked at the closest book, sitting on the lamp table. my tarot book. by angeles arrien. i’d read the name in your blog, and was like, hmmmn, where do i know that name from? i went and answered my own question without meaning to right away! made me smile and think of you and magic serendipity for a while. fun!!!

    i want to hear some serious reporting from this weekend. that is one of my all time favorite books. it’s over 20 years old and totally water damaged and i love love love the wisdom it oozes.

  4. okay okay, I’m all excited now about the Exploratorium, that looks pretty cool man. I dearly wished that there was a Wilderness Wildflower festival here as well, alas, they’re all going to sleep now anyhow. Looks like a lot of fun though. Still totally ogling your new shoes, and haha….your face expression is pretty funny ;P
    AS to abs.. I am of the opinion that pregnancy and childbirth are irrevocably unkind to abs…particularly the bottom half of em. It’s funny you mentioned it actually, I just started to do some crunchy type exercises about a week ago- i’m not ready to give up hope just yet! And YUM dinner Mary, I enjoy just looking at that photo and now I’m sure I’m gonna have to have taties tonight, and something pesto-ish. Lil Miss Fern illicitly drinking mud water made me laugh hard… son drank from the creek behind the school the other day, and he’s almost 8, he managed to persuade a friend to do it as well, I’m pretty sure that habit of tasting everything dies hard (like with diarreah or something). The thing in on my blog that I spied? it was the lone Kauri tree, the long straight pale trunk with the bushy head, amongst all of the other middle range trees – it seemed majestic to us (sentimental kiwis that we are). I’m excited for you this weekend!

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