Mi Bhealtaine

Has it really been a year since our last celebration?

While strolling through the park one day
in the merry merry month of May… 

We had the pleasure of dogsitting Fern’s new BFF, Wilbur…



I wish I could embed this video I found of Maypole Dancing in Golden Gate Park, 1937. But I can’t so please click on that link, will you?

I remember my first few years in elementary school, we still did a maypole dance every spring. I also vividly recall when the school banned it. I was crushed…why stop something so wonderful? There were whispers I didn’t understand at the time…it’s not Christian…it’s naughty…

Now it’s up to the pagans and the radical faeries to keep earthy fertility out of the shadows. I’m glad it still happens, yet I wish I could be transported back to a time when mainstream culture turned out in throngs to celebrate LIFE.

Speaking of celebrating life, have you watched Obselidia? I got tingles, and they are still working their way out. Highly recommended.

Are you celebrating Beltane or May Day?


6 thoughts on “Mi Bhealtaine

  1. I looked at these photos and read your words… and it was like there was something extra special about them. I don’t really know what… the pictures seemed more vivid, more alive. Perhaps it’s the Beltane magic at work?


  2. Aw! The kids are so precious in their flower crowns! Clover’s preschool has a May Day celebration each year. We’ll be doing that tomorrow. The kids dance around the maypole and fill paper baskets with flowers and deliver them to the neighbors. It’s a lot of fun and this will be Clover’s final year doing it, since Kindergarten starts next year. Oh, the bittersweetness… sigh.

    I love Fern’s street napping 🙂

  3. Hooray! Joyousness! Sun, flowers, music, and a gorgeous blue dress. Especially love the image of Fern smiling at herself in her little floral crown in the big mirror, and Leo waving hi! (or….stop?) Isn’t it cool that we picked dads that play with their kids….dads are so underrated, i think that they can be quite marvellous. For some wierd reason, my laptop isn’t allowing me to hear the Obselidia clip…but from what i can see, and read about it – I’m looking forward to hearing it too. I am going to write a movie post very soon, once i can get past the fact that google is going to charge me to post more images. boo.
    Happy Days my friend.

  4. It’s been raining here non-stop for what feels like an eternity, so today’s Bealtaine celebration didn’t happen for us. The full moon is on Sunday though and it’s likely that that is really the day to celebrate. We’ll be going to a birthday party -so that will be a celebration but we’ll have some other symbolic gestures throughout the day too – we might even light a fire !

    We celebrate all the pagan festivals at our house. I studied Irish (Gaelic) at university and a huge part of our folklore is steeped in pagan practices. It means so much to me to celebrate the earth that gives us life and to echo my ancestors.

    You celebration looks like a true welcoming of Summer! Lucky you to have that glorious sunshine!

    Also, I LOVE that you used the proper Gaelic spelling in your title:)))

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