Mother’s Day

Sunday morning…

We tripped up to Sebastopol, since we are wanting to get a feel for the place. Would we want to live that far from SF? Doubling up agendas, Jeff made reservations at Peter Lowell’s West County Organic for brunch.

A decadent second cuppa (and an almond milk mocha, at that!). I recently did a three week macrobiotic cleanse, and I cut way down on coffee. I’m intending to keep it to just one small cup in the morning, since I’m discovering that any more kills all my intestinal flora and turns me into a bloated, gassy, jittery mess. (All kinds of dietary changes going on with me, and y’all are gonna be surprised. To give you a hint, I finally picked up a copy of Nourishing Traditions. But more on that later).

We strolled around Sebastopol for a while, visiting downtown and the farmer’s market. We liked it, but are actually still feeling partial to Petaluma. Frankly, we’ll take what we can find in the general vicinity.

On our way back south, we stopped at Green String Farm. I scored on some plant starts and veggies, and Fern found a little cottage for her own.

Continuing with our exploration of potential new places to call home, we visited the watershed of the Petaluma River.


There was some foraging involved.

More Wild Oats.

Sea Beans. (But let’s call them Marsh Samphire, because it’s way more awesome-er).

(The shirt was a Mother’s Day present from Jeff, from Gangs of San Francisco).

Once we got home, I beheaded my prize jewels of the day.

Elderflower!!!!!! If you have been with me for a bit, you’ll know that my finding Elderblow is A Very Big Deal. I’ve been looking for a good wild source for three years. (I know they are more prolific in the East Bay, but I’m never over there). I’ll share more about this on Friday.

Once home, it was time for more good food.

Baby Artichokes from Green String. Oh how I adore ‘chokes. Do you like them? I think they are ambrosia. I tried something new and braised them, then made a reduction of lemon water, olive oil, lemon zest, garlic, thyme and bay. Be like Eeyore and eat your thistles.

I received this card from Jeff in the morning (delivered in bed with a vegan donut, coffee and a wee bouquet).

So nice to feel seen.

Well kids, I had intended to wax poetic about motherhood and my daughter and my own Mom, but our internet provider is slow as death this morning, and I’m out of time. So instead, please do some waxing of your own, and tell me how your Mother’s Day was?



4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. Happy Mothers Day to you gorgeous! We went out for breakfast at my faaaaaourite breakfast place, I had french toast….haha I woke up to the girlchild tantrumming in her room – something to do with the way Steve asked her to make me a card. The little Mister had made me a beautiful card and the big Mister had bought me one. It was a rainy day but warmish, and I got to go for a long jog in the drizzle. We went out and bought the Little Mister a birthday present, which we all played later that day. Petaluma hey, looks pretty.

  2. so much to like in this post – Nourishing Traditions (ha ha ha!), Petaluma, elderflowers!! (jealous!!), and Jeff’s card! 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. woah! i was in petaluma and sebastopol this weekend too! oh how magical it would have been to run into you guys, but knowing we were in the same place at (roughly) the same time is pretty cool! thanks for sharing your sweet card…..i felt appreciated too….nice, isn’t it? you are a great mama ♥

  4. Um. If you move to Petaluma we might get in fights about elderflowers… I’ve been visiting those ones regularly waiting for them to open! If you picked all of them, I automatically get half of everything you make out of them. (Don’t worry, I know you didn’t pick all of them, and also, there are other places we can visit together up here where they live. So you should move to Corona Rd. Tomorrow.) Did you see the six signets? Also, I went to high school with Lowell, who started Peter Lowell’s!

    AND I can’t believe I saw you this morning and didn’t wish you happy mother’s day. You are my most heroine of Mamas. I love you.

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