Close Your Eyes and Make a Wish

Dear Friends,

After three long (heartbreaking) years of looking for a new home, we have finally come across a candidate that feels like a dream come true.

Even though my entire inner world was shouting “Yes!” with glee, it is by no means a sure thing. There are Other People in the running. The decision is not up to us. And my credit report looks spotty from processing delays with Student Loan holders and trying to implement the appropriate payment plans. I don’t want these things to stand in our way, but the path is not totally clear.

So this is where you come in. Would you take a second right now, and close your eyes? Well, not yet…please keep reading. Close your eyes and send out a wish…a prayer…a blessing. Nothing big. The simpler the better. As long as it is heartfelt, and speaks to us finally nestling into the home of our dreams. Imagine Fern on a grassy hillside, looking out over the fields and hills of Petaluma, as she swings through knee high grass and a train with a bright red caboose chugs by softly in the distance. Imagine 1000 sq ft of optimal space to garden, on the side of the most perfectly quaint cottage built in 1915 (it has a root cellar already built in!). Imagine a picnic table in our new front yard, where we can celebrate Fern’s 3rd birthday in September. Imagine our hearts, glowing and buoyant from finally being able to say “We’re Home”.

Are you ready? One….two….three…make a wish!

If you have a hard time getting in the mood, just give this a listen. When you stop sniffling, save enough breath to wish upon a star.

(Thanks Gianna. Muah!)


15 thoughts on “Close Your Eyes and Make a Wish

  1. Oh, honey! I’m so happy for you guys. Just the possibility is titillating, exhilarating. I’m gonna head out to my garden, pick a bouquet of flowers, burn some of Sadie’s homestead lavender smudge and send out my best prayers.

  2. wishing with every bone in my body!

    when we moved to sebastopol, we fell in love with a country house on an organic apple orchard. everything about it was perfect for us. but we had no jobs there yet and it was a bit sticky convincing the owner (who was still super cool about it) that we would be able to make rent and had financial aid to help us and all that. anyway he chose a little family over us and at first we were kinda devastated. we found this out on a trip up to portland to visit my sister. and guess what? by the end of the trip, on our way home, the owner called us back and said something had fallen through and he would like to offer the place to us after all! sometimes things happen in tricky ways. we loved living there over the next year.

    it’s the picnic table that is just killing me! little details like that make a place seem so meant to be. i am going to sit outside and do a little wish fulfillment ceremony for you guys right now. so much love to you!

  3. My wish is now floating up, you have my thoughts, and for the rest of the day at least! Hope you get it! Can’t wait to see it! I can’t imagine why anyone else would get the house there is just too much Good-ness about you guys, for you not too đŸ˜‰ Oh man, it’s nervewracking…the wait finding out, hey, I remember that being really stressful.

    But are you SURE you want us when you’re unpacking/packing? Don’t feel bad if you have to change your mind. Although, it would feel nice for me to be useful helping unpack/pack, it would be nice to slow down with all of the travelling…mmmmm sloooooow dowwwwn.

    As for conflict with friends I absolutely usually end up leaving the friendship rather than hurt their feelings or face the wrath! It’s terrifying! This time, when i was actually brave enough to say something i was so mortified that she cried I ended up softening the point so much I’m not 100% sure she got it….about 5 mins in, my goal was simply to do anything to make her feel better….such is my problem with guilt.

    Okay lady, I officially must go and get the babes ready for school and kindy. xxoo

  4. Wish made for you in the best spirit of childhood wishing! I actually wish we had the gumption to just move up to Petaluma and somehow find jobs there but it’s just not an option for us. I feel sad when i think about being in the East Bay instead of the North Bay, but the desire/need for public transportation and the need to be close to workplaces kind of make it hard for us to move to Novato or Petaluma even though we’d prefer it. I am trying to envision a positive future even in the hot hills on the edge of the valley, as much as i love soooo much Tomales and and hills near the sea. Well, we would definitely visit you and i could come help cook (and brew and etc) if you have a gathering!

  5. woohoo girl!!!!!! i had a fun time blowing some dandelion seeds into the wind yesterday for you all. fun and healing for me too. settling down. they will settle down and grow where they landed, and so will you guys. it’s funny how ideal this place seems for you. like you just ordered it on up for yourself off a menu. dreamer.

  6. Its so easy to see this dream come true. I can see it now, all breezy and sunny and beautiful. I wish this for you gorgeous family that you are. xx
    I have dedicated a post to you : ) bet you had no idea what your little email would do. I will email back and tell ya more. xx
    Magic Magic Magic, its all around and light and gold dust and star dust and everything else just falls into place in the light

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