Ladybug Picnic

Brigit was in the Bay this past week. Perfect reason to make a third trek of the week up North.

Brigit’s kids, plus Missa’s little clover, our own Fern and Leo and then more wee ones as the evening wore on made for a quintessential childhood experience. I want this to be the norm for my little gal…not the exception.

While we spend lots of the time at the playground with other children, as well as time spent with her brother and other friend’s kids, Fern has not had prolonged exposure to social situations with her peers. Instinctively I haven’t been too concerned, since at this age she is just barely coming out of parallel play, and I trust that as long as we provide opportunity, she will begin to develop friendships on her own time. On the other hand, it’s difficult in high achieving parenting climates to not be fretful…At the park or museum, I catch snippets of conversation, “Is he in daycare yet? You can tell he’s going to love other kids” “We’ve only done three play groups this week and I’m worried he’s not getting enough socialization…”. I keep my eyes open for good introductory experiences into the world of shared play, helping Fern to navigate invitations to join in. What I’ve noticed, is that when she’s into it, she’s into it. When she’s not…forget about it.

Turns out on Friday evening, she was WAY into it. My heart warmed up several degrees as I observed her interacting and joking with other kids, completely sure, completely comfortable, and also completely okay with doing her own thing.

There was a little creek on the property, and much of Fern’s time was spent going “plop plop.”. As her explorations took her further downstream (and out of view) I was hard pressed to get her to come back. At one point, after I asked her to turn around she said, “No! Go back to the party!”.

Man, she is not going to be an easy teenager.

Leo, also sometimes reticent, made friends with Brigit’s eldest. They got on like a house on fire.

So I did “go back to the party” where there was a lot of this:

Missa in a skirt sent by Teeny. Ms. Sparkles, there was lots of excited chat about your impending visit!

As the light grew warm in the evening, we all picked up our cameras like the documenting nerds that we are.

I love these girls.

(Aw Missa, that dang shadow!)

I especially appreciate seeing these mamas in action with their kids, since this is the majority of our lives for each of us, yet the part that is mostly invisible online.

In action was the operative word of the evening, as the number of viable pictures is far outweighed by the blurry action shots.

Jeff, who is unable to say “no” to cats on his lap, or children on his back, was definitely the hit of the party.

Thank you all SO much for your beautiful wishes. They were so heartfelt that I believe we should get that place on their merit alone. And if you’re wondering whether we got the place in Petaluma, well…we’re wondering too. We have no idea when we will find out, the decision making process is not clear to us and they are being pretty opaque. My hope-o-meter is going down, and I’m surfing craigslist again. This elusive househunting experience is beginning to fracture, with the core of the matter becoming more apparent. As the moon eclipsed the sun yesterday, what has been in the shadows was easier to see in the dim light. More on that later this week, as I am again out of time.

Happy Monday!


7 thoughts on “Ladybug Picnic

  1. What a lovely post. Do you ever marvel that you found these lovely ladies via their blogs? I often do, especially when I recount how i received my one of a kind key earrings (courtesy of the lovely Nicole) as part of the Bio regional swap last year.

  2. Mmmmmm, I don’t like it when I’m waiting for an answer on something important and I feel like I’m getting stalled; you guys must be finding it very frustrating. I’m that woman that calls up the helpline all high pitched and snappy, polite….. but…barely containing my impatience when trying to understand what in tarnation is happening with my telephone bill. (What in tarnation?! Yup, I just used it in a sentence) Still hoping you get it, the place in Petaluma, I’m still hopeful that you will; I don’t feel like all is lost yet. What a gorgeous afternoon you gorgeousess’ had! All the kids, the mamas and a dad! heeee, I clapped my hands when I saw Missa in the skirt I sent, and I’m looking forward to seeing you all too. It’s confounding that I’m actually going to! Can’t wait to.
    much love xx

  3. Such fun! I had a great time with you gals and your guys and the kiddos. Fern was SO into it and what a little explorer that girl is, haha, “beat it mom, I’ve got trails to blaze upstream!” She’s super adorable and funny and WOW those boys were somethin’, from introductions to rolling around on the ground together in no time flat.

    “My heart warmed up several degrees as I observed her interacting and joking with other kids, completely sure, completely comfortable, and also completely okay with doing her own thing.”

    Ah, I so know that feeling, isn’t it the best 🙂

    Hope we do get to see you next Tuesday!

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