Live Oak Park, Berkeley.

She saw a gnome home.



A birthday party in Petaluma

(I’ll send you the rest of the pictures, Jess!)

Gluten-free chocolate raspberry awesomeness.

We stopped by Green String Farms on our way back to the city, and I succumbed to major a wee bit of bitterness about the whole not-getting-the-house-deal.


Warm weather, Ocean Beach, Farmer’s Market, sauerkraut, pickles, peas.


Here’s an unrelated question for you bloggers. How do you prefer to reply to comments/be replied to? I am still trying to figure out if it works best to comment on my comments, or to skip over to your blog and reply there. I’ve noticed folks do both. And, as with so many things in life, I wonder if there are unspoken guidelines I don’t know about.

Happy Monday!


7 thoughts on “Threefold

  1. Oh my gosh. I think Fern has had a huge growth spurt since your last post! She suddenly looks more “little girl” than “toddler!”

    Also, however you like to reply to things is perfect, I think. 🙂

  2. She’s such a doll!

    Good question. It’s easier to just reply on your own blog, but I know that I never go back to someone else’s blog to see if the poster replied to my comment, and I bet most people don’t. If I really want to be sure the commenter sees my reply I put it on their page; if my reply is clarifying or expounding upon something in my post, I reply on my own blog for other readers to see.

  3. so funny, i was just thinking the same thing about comments. i wish it was easier or clearer. i mostly agree with amber, and sometimes i reply via email as well.

  4. those horse pictures are so funny. was that there or did you guys make him? i couldn’t even tell what you were doing at first. hahaha.

    how amazing to have the beach at your access. dang. i’m thinking we’re going to know some lakes around here this year. that the kids haven’t met yet. some lake beaches.

    i don’t know really. but i know what you mean about that commenty question. i do sometimes come back if i think about it with some friends who i know respond. you can tell who responds and who doesn’t. whatever is fine i say. whatever we each like to do.

  5. This sounds so stalky but I am so amazed at how much of a “little girl’ Fern is becoming! It’s so amazing! As for comments i don’t think there are any ‘rules” (or if there are i don’t know them) I tend to reply within the comment, and then try and get to one of their posts to comment…

  6. Your little girl is so gorgeous. We went paddling in a river recently too, and I’m mapping a plan of our county to find more toddler-friendly streams for toe-dipping and stone-splashing. I love how much they love it. Regarding the comments – I might be an exception here – but I do tend to pop back to posts to see if there’s been a reply (with no hard feelings if there’s not – I’m not the best commentator myself). It sometimes feels disjointed reading a comment on a post that obviously relates to something else…. on the other hand getting comments on ones own blog is nice too… and it feels good to think that people might actually be reading what you take time to write…

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