In Nature, Whenever Conflicting Forces Meet, Spirals are Created

Well. Not hard to top that last post which, judging from the utter lack of comments, may have been the most unpopular EVARRRR. I still urge you to click on the transcript of the interview. It’s truly more inspiring than depressing.

We are throwing things in sacks and heading up to Shasta County for the weekend. There’s a few odd and ends I’ll leave here with you.

Albino Strawberries are prolific and I rarely get to eat even one. Which is just fine.

Along the lines of fun and imaginative responses to global situations, Caroline Casey had another interview with Derrick Jensen yesterday. Jensen was in town, giving a talk in Berkeley. But he took some time out in the afternoon so he and Carolyn could chat about the issue of erroneous human supremacy, the importance of honoring The Muse as an invisible being, and the problems with monotheism. You know, just a casual conversation. You can listen to the interview here.

Carolyn is often self referencing, and she gave one of her oft repeated quotes, “The invisible seeks incarnation and we seek kinship with it. Everything is telling us its story. Approach the world with informed, reverent curiosity.”. It is in this spirit that I return to my homeland today.

We are in the midst of “the terrible twos and threes” which seemed to have started exactly one year ago, at 1 1/2. I know the threes can be even more difficult than the twos, but lately we do seem to have turned a corner. There are still tantrums, but they no longer last 20 minutes, instead petering out after 4 or 5. Explanations and rationale are now helpful, as is her ability to ask for what she needs. Perhaps we are in the calm before another storm, maybe I shouldn’t get my hopes up, but hey…why not. Right in this moment I’m going to pretend that we are finally in that “It gets easier” stage. I’ll report back next week.

Last year it was this:

Lately it is more like this:

I’m super in love with my babe these days, can you tell? As I was uploading pics from the camera this morning, I came across this series that Jeff must have taken when I was at work on Wednesday.

Multiple times a day I fall in love…and with these photos, I dare you to not swoon too. Just a little, it’s ok.

Have a beautiful weekend Bay Areans…it’s gonna be gorgeous.


5 thoughts on “In Nature, Whenever Conflicting Forces Meet, Spirals are Created

  1. Your babe is a real cutie patootie, that’s for sure! So glad to hear things have calmed, being able to employ reason is HUGE! Hope you guys had a wonderful hot weekend up in Shasta 🙂

  2. i’m beginning to think it never gets easier! i have the full range of ages 13, 10, almost 4 and 1 and let me tell ya, the 13 year may be independent but there are a whole new slew of difficulties :O one day at a time is my mantra. actually, maybe one hour at a time would be more accurate.

    i met teeny yesterday and she said she was going to be staying with you! how awesome. she and her family are so sweet, i know you will all have a wonderful time together. can’t wait to hear all about it 😀

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