Hot July Brings Cooling Showers, Apricots and Gillyflowers

We are in high summer. The blogosphere is quiet and I too am finding it hard to sit in front of the computer, lured by rewarding promises of life outdoors. I am so curious about what y’all are doing. What magic is finding you in the long blue of twilight?

Speaking of rewards, here are some from the weekend, as well as some backlogged pics of our daily adventures.

We picked a few plums.

Harvested the first potatoes.

Went blackberry picking on Bernal Hill. (Thanks for the reminder to check, Shaners!)

Some other visions from our time in Shasta County. Oh home. Sweet, sweet HOME.

Mimosa tree. One of my favorites. 

An evening walk on the Sundial Bridge. I hated the thing when it was first built, but now I love it.

A gumball for my little gumball. Old Shasta. On our way up to Whiskeytown Lake.

Manzanita. Another favorite, perhaps THE.

Mr. and Mrs. Mallard.

Toddler humor. “That monster has a hungry mouth.”

Rural humor.

We brought back my ballet costumes from childhood. She decided to get dressed “For work and go on airplane”.

I don’t know where this kid came from, but I don’t ask questions. I just feel lucky.

Any plans for the Fourth?

Happy Monday. xo


5 thoughts on “Hot July Brings Cooling Showers, Apricots and Gillyflowers

  1. Such sweet shots of your lil one!!! And just a “few plums” haha looks like your tree exploded! I thought I’d pop over and say hi! We recently got a chance to meet up with Teeny at the beach and said she was heading up your way. Hope you gals had a fun time 😀

  2. oooh beautiful bounty…i love all the pinks and golds of this post. a mimosa huh? i think i have one in my backyard, or is it a silk tree? anyway it’s the one the hummingbirds like to chill in. your potatoes are so pretty! and man, that fern is a little spunkster…so creative and wildly vividly adorable. i never did show my belly shot at whiskeytown lake back in ….was it april?….anyway it was my first dip into freshwater for the season and it felt great on my growing belly and it was the first unclothed belly shot i’d seen that i was like, dang dude! anyway glad to see you and yours are frisky and glowy these warm july days.

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