The Fog was Lifting, A Voice Came Chanting

A blessing arrived Monday, in the form of a parcel from County Clare, Ireland.

I discovered it on a chair in my room, after returning home from a long day away. I brought it into the kitchen, where I, and the parcel, were immediately pounced upon by two sticky and shrieking children. I had hoped to open it slowly, savoring each discovery for my own, but the two sprites demanded that I immediately open it. I cut the top, and it was clear that, along with gifts, it was also full of stowaway fae. It was like opening a pandora’s box of magic and mischief, and it swirled out, possessing both children.

The chocolate and licorice was immediately ferreted away by nimble hands, a leafy crown was shared, big colored pencils found their way onto every available surface, and a tiny bottle of fairy dust granted sprinkly wishes for…more fairy dust!

This was the aftermath of the parcel explosion:

And I had to fend them off to take at least one photo of some of the beautiful wrapping.

When I first met her, over a year ago, Elizabeth was blogging at The Elisheva Project. She has since moved over to her own site, Elizabeth Carrington Art/Life, and I encourage you to check out both. Her writing and artwork is a tingly combination of luminosity, playfulness and depth. I have been continuously inspired by her, not only from her art, but also by her soul.

The first comment I ever posted on her blog was in response to her sharing about the loss of her husband. There is a brilliance that emerges after one has gone through tremendous grief, where everything superficial has fallen away, and what remains is raw, beautiful and full of true joy. Elizabeth offers glimpses of this brilliance, each one almost too dear to bear. It is like trying to look at the sun. Even now as I attempt to capture how she impacts me, I am noticing how flimsy the words feel. Mostly what I experience is awe, gratefulness and the way she blows my heart right open.

This is the second time she has gifted me, the first being a story of how being an artist is closely linked to her process through grief.   Please read it, as it will nourish your soul and also allow you to witness what a magical creature she is. I mean, if nothing else, just look at that spritely face of hers! I dare you not to fall in love.

The contents of the package have already spread themselves around the house, but here is what I was able to arrange this morning.

Elizabeth, every little detail was so loaded with generous meaning and love. Thank you so much even just for the picks of tarot cards, as they offered something so dear, the gift of feeling seen.

I think she was making these crowns for sale for a while…are you still?

Dolly puppet on a stick!

I cherish meetings with souls whose art and presence pull back the curtains for me…suddenly the invisible is revealed, life is richer, glorious, precious.

Thank you Elizabeth. I am honored, humbled and so pleased. I look forward to deepening our friendship and cannot believe my good fortune in being connected to you through this strange blogland.

Some other bits floating around on this July Fourth…

We went to the Alameda County Fair. After visiting the animals, Fern said, “I’m so glad we got to see the pigs.” She also fell in love with the dwarf rabbits, little fuzzballs with beady eyes. I had thought her first pet would be a kitten, but I’m pretty sure now that it will be a bunn.

Really though, the first thing on the agenda was trashy fair snacks. I told her to say “Ice Cream!”

She’s still too small to go on the rides, and got overstimulated pretty fast. But not before she spotted a kid with a toy trumpet and said she wanted one.

She hasn’t stopped tweeting it since, and even had a tantrum when she couldn’t bring it in the restaurant last night. This morning, she was our own personal bugle player, her Reveille being to sit on the bed and blow it in our faces.

Lastly, I recently spent an unexpected five hours with Nicole at Sakura Salon. I met Nicole a million years ago on another website, and have known her through both my own pregnancy, and hers. She was the last one to cut my hair…three years ago.

She went above and beyond the call of duty, not only giving me a great cut, but doing color correction on my calico head, which I had thought was a lost cause. I looked in the mirror about 3/4 of the way through and was startled to see someone I hadn’t in a long time….MYSELF. Turns out, I wasn’t as far away as I thought…I’ve just had bad hair for too long.

I look annoyed and snarky because at the point this photo was taken, Fern had been having an after-fair, overstimulation melt down for two hours.

And so today we will be sticking around in the hood, maybe barbecuing tonight, and watching the fireworks from my back deck. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I believe you can be a patriot without supporting or agreeing with what our government is doing. This land is your land, this land is my land, this land…THIS. LAND. So today I give thanks for living in such a beautiful country. Our Nation has done a lot of reprehensible things, as a whole, but the parts that make it up include infinite examples of greatness and beauty.

The true meaning.

Also, this is a funny look back on what happened last year. Maybe I’ll forgo the pie today.

What are you doing for the Fourth?


8 thoughts on “The Fog was Lifting, A Voice Came Chanting

  1. love the new do! i’ve always wanted a layered cut like that, it looks awesome! your package is pretty fantastic as well. loaded to the brim with all sorts of goodies. what a treat 😀

  2. totally great hair cut. now i need one perhaps. i like the photo, attitude is attractive i think. ha. but i’m serious. and fern with the trumpet. yummy baby cheeks. lovey…we did our usual pancake breakfast up at the schoolhouse, followed by the firetruck and horse parade. pretty sweet. fireworks were cancelled. too much fire risk. so we then went to the neighborhood potluck and david and i got in a fight while walking there so i was total anti social grump. then a friend came over and it sounds like her marriage is falling apart at the seams and it was just really sad. we tried to support her. we did. but it’s so hard. anyhow. see ya later. lucky lover. your package looks like a bunch of magic. i have read her story a bit and it is achingly touching. how beautiful that you and her connected. love.

  3. Oh man, I’m so happy you got to receive a package from Elizabeth. The one I got in the bioregional swap was the best. So much love and art and splendor. Her art is amazing. I wish she was selling it on etsy or somewhere online, because lately I’ve been longing to fill my life with beautiful prints. Your minds seem destined to meet like this m’dear. So many ladies I so respect…
    I’m glad you posted her new bloggy address, I had totally forgotten to add it to my list. Thank you for channelling her back to me. I love Fern and her little trumpet.

  4. Faarrrr out that is some kind of wonderful parcel and love you got there from Elizabeth….I love reading her words, some kind of peace floats my way. Your hair is rockin, i like it, it’s just right. Oscar got a recorder once. I had to hide it after awhile. But damn Fern looks cute holding that purple tootle.

  5. I read this a couple of days ago and was so blown away by your kind words about me, feeling very undeserving…….I retreated ….until I thought, now hang on there, what kindness it truly is, and warmth and eloquence and beauty, I shall bask in the glow of your words instead, allowing them to inspire me, as they always do, right down to my toes.
    Girl your hair is very wonderful. A change is as good as a holiday: ) I love it!. I cut mine short a couple of years ago, and it was such a drastic change it will keep me satisfied a few years yet, now its long again, back where it was.
    I wonder were there any more surprises yet???
    xx E

  6. you look gorgeous gorgeous! i love that you concluded with “this land is your land” on this post. the guitar-slinging rando i talk about on my blog played the full version for my friends and i during our picnic!

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