Dark Side of the Moon

As the Moon waned into a sliver of herself this weekend, it was a time for stillness, retreat, rest. Coupled with Mercury going retrograde (Did I just hear you shriek? We’ll be ok, just don’t start any new projects, or plan a major trip. Definitely don’t plan on going to the East Coast for three weeks like we are.) our past few days didn’t have a lot of oomph. If I was still a single woman, I probably would have spent Sunday curled up reading or, most likely, watching movies. As it was, I was in the squeeze between wanting to be left alone and being with my sweet girl who didn’t want to leave me alone. I had a pretty good case of grumpitude, but there were still some moments when the sun broke through the July fog.

Sunday we went to El Polin Springs.

Currant. (I think our native Pink Flowering). They are very seedy, and some do that thing where they suck every ounce of moisture out of your mouth. The kids thought they were a tasty nibble, as did the Goldfinches.

Epilobium or Willow Herb…a beautiful flower and a prolific seeder, the restorationists at El Polin Springs let entire fields of these beauties go into bloom, creating good fall foraging for migrating birds. 

One of the most enthusiastic Dock plants I have ever seen. The leaves are edible in early spring, and you can supposedly make a flour meal out of the seeds, which seems to be WAY more trouble than it’s worth.

Our spirits sought repose and were restored under the grandmother Willow.

Examining Sapsucker holes.

Daddy photobomb.

Dancing to the tune of the softly swaying branches.

I stepped out to look for gooseberries, and found a friend.

Herro…California Red Sided Garter Snake. They are making a come back in the Bay Area.

Then it was time to build fairy houses. Or in this case, a Rec Room.

Other bits…

More homegrown taters were harvested.

I pulled up these magical beings. Want to guess what they are? They will be revealed on Friday.

This weekend marked the anniversary of this one day, nine years ago, when I was driving on a little stretch of nowhere highway and saw this little fuzzy lion dog on the side of the road. We all had some tender and teary hearted moments.

The album that inspired this post title also has this song, which funnily enough is an apt description of my own dance right now.

How was your weekend?



8 thoughts on “Dark Side of the Moon

  1. What a willow!!!! trees get so big over there in all that space. Thanks for the reminder about mercury’s retreat. I had forgotten, having taken it into account when planning our hols months ago, and now have planned all kinds of things to happen amidst it, oh well, lots of deep upheavels I am sure. I really wanted to log in here to say, inspired by your circle time, me and M had a blessing morning, prayers and bows and incense and candles, and found ourselves having the most magical day full of serendipity. Thanks also for that reminder to include her in the act of my offerings and prayers. She loved it of course: ) I shall have a listen to this song now, And remember vividly your post on your little fuzzy friend’s passing. Hugs to you guys x

  2. So, so weird — I have been drawn to this album (won’t listen to anything else) for a few weeks now. The first playthrough of this song hit me like a lightning bolt. It’s an amazing summation of the near-panic of “what have I been doing with my life?!?” … Just don’t forget the second song of the album is “Breathe.” 🙂 xo

  3. Well i really want to be done with my midlife crisis already but somehow i think it’s going to hold on for a few more years. I am so jealous you saw this garter snake! The last time i saw one of these was *years* ago in Glen Canyon, along the creek, and it may actually have been a San Francisco Garter, which is a similar sub-species. I have not seen them for years (just like i have not seen quail in GG Park for years, and i used to see them all the time).

  4. I saw a funny little lion dog today which made me consider your Leo. My god it looked fat though, but perhaps it was just his/her fluffiness. My dog was definitely keen to meet. Girl, my girl no longer sleeps! she wakes in the night all scared, so, now that the kids are back at school and kindy i am taking to napping, today it was in the sun, delicious sunlight. mmmmm love the taties. AND in other news we’re going to buy a share in a cow for raw milk! (well, i think we will) Remember how I told you the laws prevented selling it….but if we own it, we can drink it! First i have to fully convince steve we aren’t going to die from deadly parasites though. I look forward so much to reading about your holiday, when it happens.

  5. i am going to turn this cd on now and listen to it while i make dinner. good idea mare!!!

    happy anniversary. you and him were meant to be together. i love you both.

    max just asked if jeff was a hobo.

    that photo of him being silly with fern and leo. he asks if lots of people are hobos though. but still, it’s funny whenever he does.

    love you.

    i’m excited about his three week trip!! i want to know more…. and i still want to know more about that last post. maybe we need to make a date for before our trips. i have a feeling they might be at the same time??

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