Finally. Documentation. I wasn’t exaggerating when I said she uses my head as a pillow.

I hope she never grows out of it.


11 thoughts on “Sleepyheads

  1. That is so funny and so sweet! Well done on capturing it! I’ve been a little bit absent from blogland of late, hope to catch up on what you’ve been writing sooner than later. You cannot believe that now we are back home, Mia has been sneaking in with us – it’s all good until her knees and elbows go rogue man. Pointy, jabby things that they are. I’m sure you know what I mean. Seeing these pics makes me miss you gals. p.s. did i mention that Fern was our second best baby name for Mia?

  2. this is the cutest thing ever. your fresh morning face is radiant, and of course miss fern is a fountain of delight. especially poignant as i embark on raising a daughter too!

  3. i love weird bed positions. you guys are adorable. my three year old totally spoons me at night. i wake up and he is squished as close as he can get with his arm thrown over my waist. cuties.

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